Delayed reaction

Do not be alarmed by my previous post. I’m totally okay and that post was a delayed reaction to an event from some time ago. And not even an event, really, but a moment which led me to think about the nature of my life, and maybe your life, too. Did you ever consider that you enter life naked, helpless, and if you live long enough, you’ll end up naked and helpless again? And I think that while so many of us think that the point of life is to accumulate things (and even people), the real point is to become bare, unveiled, to see that even with empty hands, we are okay.

I believe that my life is in the hands of God, so even when I’m shaken like a snowglobe, I’m still safe.

2 thoughts on “Delayed reaction

  1. i totally agree with you!! as i have told you, i have been “shaken” quite a bit in my life, but God has always brought me through it and i believe i am a better person for having gone through it!!! have a great day Mel!!


  2. I guess when I asked my faith question, I was having that moment in my life. I immediately felt embarrassed that I had asked such a thing. Thanks so much for answering me anyway. Every so often we all get in a mood. And events can send us to that place.


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