Adopted children with Down Syndrome

Did you see this article about Barbara Curtis’s family?  She’s a blogger and a writer who has been a good friend to me.  (I even spent some time with her in real life at a writer’s conference.)  She has twelve children, three of them who are adopted (and the subject of the article.)  Very cool article!

3 thoughts on “Adopted children with Down Syndrome

  1. Julana says:

    Barbara is an amazing mom.
    If you want your brain buzzing about DS, read Michael Berube’s response to Pete Singer, over at Crooked Timbers.


  2. We have a friend (single lady, strong believer) who adopted a Down’s Syndrom little boy. Interesting (and long) story, and God was just all over it. That little boy is just a joy; we love to babysit him, and ds and he have a close bond. He’s four years old, adopted when he was about 9 months old from a group home. Imagine, a baby in a group home…


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