Adopted children with Down Syndrome

Did you see this article about Barbara Curtis’s family?  She’s a blogger and a writer who has been a good friend to me.  (I even spent some time with her in real life at a writer’s conference.)  She has twelve children, three of them who are adopted (and the subject of the article.)  Very cool article!

3 thoughts on “Adopted children with Down Syndrome

  1. Barbara is an amazing mom.
    If you want your brain buzzing about DS, read Michael Berube’s response to Pete Singer, over at Crooked Timbers.


  2. We have a friend (single lady, strong believer) who adopted a Down’s Syndrom little boy. Interesting (and long) story, and God was just all over it. That little boy is just a joy; we love to babysit him, and ds and he have a close bond. He’s four years old, adopted when he was about 9 months old from a group home. Imagine, a baby in a group home…


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