A whole lotta nothing

I am deeply alarmed.  Did you know that Christmas will be here in three weeks?  That’s what I heard one of my sons say today and again I thought, WHAT?

But, good news!  My new Christmas tree was delivered but still sits in my driveway.  I hope someone will drag it into the house at some point and by “someone,” of course I mean “me.”

I cooked the most labor intensive dinner I have cooked in a long time.  Someone gave us some crabs–the meat nestled in their crabby little legs and cracked open bodies–and I spent maybe an hour (!) pulling the meat from the shell.  I couldn’t help but think of the women I saw working in a fish company room–they were “crab shakers” and their job was to remove the crab from the shell.  I don’t know how they did it–there was shaking involved, I guess–but I would have to just DIE if that were my full-time job.  I tried to impress upon my children the importance of their educations while they watched me painstakingly retrieve the meat from the shells.

Then, after all that, I made crab cakes.

You are wondering if there is a point to this post.  And, um, no, there is not.

Have you noticed that my posts have become very generic?  That’s because everyone I know (and their dog) now reads my blog.  Ou-yay ight-may ow-knay at-whay I ean-may?  (That’s fancy ig-pay atin-lay, you know.)

Hey, but guess what?  The carpet cleaner came today and my family room no longer looks like a traveling circus camped on it.  Or like a family of boys with really muddy shoes lives here.

So, Christmas is coming.  Three weeks, they tell me.  Guess I’d better haul the Christmas tree to the living room and get rid of the pumpkins that are still lurking about.  Ho ho ho.

4 thoughts on “A whole lotta nothing

  1. lol, nice pig latin 😉 yes, i do!! here’s to hoping the Christmas tree will drag it’s own sorry butt into the house and put itself up!!! take care!!


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