Falling, falling, falling

I picked up my six year old from school and we drove to Trader Joe’s for a few supplies. The fifteen minute drive took us past trees with fiery leaves, blood-red leaves, golden leaves and leaves the color of the stripe running down the middle of the road. Leaves were literally falling as we drove past, touching my windshield before swirling in a happy little dance by the side of the road.

The weather has been uncharacteristically dry and so piles of leaves flutter under the trees. They cling to branches like flashy Hawaiian shirts. The lack of rain means they haven’t yet formed a soggy, slimy pile. A furious wind hasn’t flown into town and swept the trees clean. Yet.

But as I drove along today, I thought this might be the best day, the last day so many orange, yellow, red, and wine colored leaves will decorate the trees. I’m trying to notice and I pointed out the trees along the way. I want my daughter to notice the fleeting beauty, too. “Look at those yellow leaves, Grace!” I say, and point out a particularly vibrant tree. “Look over there! It’s orange!” “Isn’t our red bush beautiful today?”

Of course, my kids are like those road-stripe colored leaves, clinging to the branch before drifting away on a gust of wind. I hardly want to blink because I know that while my eyes are closed, even for a second, everything might change. Everything will change. It’s just a matter of time. So I try to notice. I try to see. I try to remember.

Tomorrow, the branches may be bare.

7 thoughts on “Falling, falling, falling

  1. My kids never appreciate the changing leaves, despite the great lengths I go to to point out their beauty. I suppose they don’t understand, like you said, how quickly things can (and will) change.


  2. I am sad that I really haven’t taken in the colors this fall, or tried to teach my two-year old to appreciate them either. Thank you for the reminder to enjoy the season.


  3. This is the most gorgeous fall I can remember in, well, forever. And no, I don’t say that every year! So dry and warm and the colors are so vibrant. If only the days lasted a little longer.


  4. Lol, Melodee, I had noticed the leaves seemed prettier this year, but I hadn’t actually put together that it’s been an abnormally dry October ’round these here parts. Hooray for no slime (til this weekend).
    My kiddo has been avidly collecting leaves, she wants to paint them all today. Why? Heck if I know! LOL!


  5. I took my grandsons for a walk to the fire station today so 2 yr old Dylan could see his beloved fire engines…he just got back from a month in Texas with his other grandma while I recuperated from my second surgery. As he walked along beside the stroller, we passed under some trees that had left big piles of leaves on the sidewalk for about half a block. I got to introduce him to the fun of running along kicking thru the bright leaves. Boy, did he have fun! And so did Grandma!


  6. I love the fall leaves and my kids think I am obsessed with them. But, growing up in North Dakota, we didn’t have many trees, and here in Minnesota we have lots! So I really appreciate their beauty and take many pictures!


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