Sing, sing a song

Who is this singer?

Tonight, I arranged for my mother to take my son to football and my daughter to her house.  I finished my work shift at 5 p.m., and by 5:21 p.m.,  I was on the road, heading north.  I picked up my sister at 6:01 p.m., and headed further north to see the mystery singer (pictured above) in concert.

Who is it?  I’ll give you a few clues.

I first saw this singer in concert in 1979 when I was 14.  She was 18 and had been singing professionally for less than a year.  I remember her saying during that appearance at Jesus Northwest something about how cute her blouse was but we couldn’t see it because she was cold and wore a jacket.

I used to have (okay, I still have) song books of her songs.  I’d accompany myself on the piano as I sang her songs, but only the slower ones.

She divorced her first husband, which caused much consternation among some Christians, especially when she turned around and married Vince Gill.

So now you know, right?  Not long ago, a young man was making a DVD for my husband.  The friend wanted to know if my husband had any favorite songs and I said, “Uh . . . well, he likes Amy Grant.”  And our young friend laughed, he scoffed . . . but that’s because he’s young.  Amy Grant was The Singer for my generation of Christian kids.  We still like her and we don’t care who mocks.

Although even I had to laugh at the hilarity of watching old white guys bop along to the music at the concert tonight.  We are old.  We are not hip.  And perhaps we should not be caught dancing in public.  I’m just saying.

(But I had fun.  I hope Amy had fun.  It seemed like she did.)

10 thoughts on “Sing, sing a song

  1. I am quite as old as you, but I think an Amy Grant concert is lots better than say, a Cake, concert. And the best part, this music doesn’t really seem to get old, or go out of style.

    I’m glad you had fun, and more glad that you blogged about it.


  2. Amy Grant is awesome!! I used to listen to her al the time as a kid!!! although, in 1979, i was 4. i hope i look as good as you in ten years!!! hugs and prayers…


  3. Ah, good old Amy….I too am around your age and grew up with Amy’s music. I like her more recent stuff better (the Hymn CD’s make me glad I wasn’t an Amy ban-er after the whole vince brouhaha). But even give my love of her hymn stuff now, i still giggle a little when I think of the lyric (not sure what song or album) that goes something like this…..”there is grape, grape joy in Jesus…” am I remembering correctly? Does she get a little giggle from the line today? I am sure she didn’t perform it in concert for you the other night!!


  4. I have never understood why people like this woman’s singing. Ever!

    I liked Second Chapter of Acts and Don Francisco, but could not understand the attraction of Amy.

    Grape, grape joy in Jesus???? Come on.


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