Not exciting

The first month of school has not yet ended and my daughter has her second cold.  Thus, we stayed home from church today, to spare the other Sunday School students from exposure to the germs.  Although she played all day, she suggested tonight at bedtime that maybe she should stay home from school tomorrow, though I think if you are well enough to play, you are well enough to go to school.  (Plus, Mommy wants her morning!)

So, we’ll see.

Today, I relented and took the two youngest kids to the Dollar Store (they love that place) and then bought pizza for lunch.  As soon as everyone was chowing down on pizza, I skedaddled out of the house and went to a movie (“Lakeview Terrace,” a rather boring thriller that I cannot recommend mainly due to its boring-ness).  I also went to Value Village, my favorite thrift store, and found some nice long-sleeved shirts which I will probably never wear due to our never-ending summer (eighty degrees tomorrow!).

For dinner on Sunday nights, I’ve been preparing chocolate gravy and biscuits.  Anybody ever heard of such a thing?  My Houston-born husband introduced me to this strange meal.  (The “gravy” is really a boiled chocolate syrup.)  The kids all love it, as does my husband, but I can no longer eat it.  (Too sweet.)

After dinner, I knocked on the neighbor’s door to ask permission to trim branches from their tree.  The mail carrier left me a sticky note on my mail last week asking me to trim them since they hit his windshield on his way to my mailbox.  So, the neighbors and I hacked away at the branches, chatted for a bit and then I trimmed ivy along my driveway.  (The prior owner of this house planted all manner of annoying vines and bushes–English ivy and laurel hedges–which are always threatening to overtake our house.)  This week?  I must plant daffodils so that I have a reason to live next February.

I am boring.  I know it.  I apologize if you are only now just figuring that out and would like a refund.

3 thoughts on “Not exciting

  1. my little H hasn’t had her first cold yet this season, thankfully. **knocks on the wood desk** i would just as soon not have her get one at all this year, but we both know how that will turn out. she loves the dollar store, too. i don’t know what it is about them, but she and all her friends love to go to the dollar store??? i like them, too, but it’s like an obsession with them??? i have never heard of chocolate gravy and biscuits but it sounds divine!! 😉 what time should i be there next sunday? 😉 you are not boring, i love reading about you!!! take care!!


  2. The Dollar Store. We have spent many, many dollars spent at the Dollar Store. 🙂

    Chocolate gravy and biscuits…for dinner!!?? Sounds more dessert! How cool to have a meal specified for Sunday. We hardly ever sit down to eat as a family…makes me sad.

    Thanks for the heads up on “Lakeview Terrace.” They probably show all the good parts on the previews, and the rest is boring (obviously). Smart of you to sneak out when everyone was occupied with pizza. I’ll have to try that!

    You are not boring. I like reading about your day-to-day stuff.


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