I cannot do justice to the story I want to tell.  (So, maybe tomorrow.)  But I decided to post every day in July, so I am posting this at 12:07 a.m.  At 8:00 a.m., I will be back at this desk working.  At least this long day is over, though.  On Wednesdays, I work 12 hours.

I did manage to take the younger two to the pool between shifts–and my husband joined us there, so I was able to come home and nap for half an hour.  The kids got to swim almost two hours and we each sat poolside only an hour each.  (I don’t mind sitting at the pool, actually, now that my kids can all swim.  Grace now dives head-first from the diving board.  All this without a single swimming lesson.)

I finished reading Anne Tyler’s Saint Maybe a few days ago.  Anne Tyler rocks.  Now I’m in that sad place between excellent novels.  I’ve been reading magazines at the pool, unable to choose what to read next.

My 10-year old is spending the night with a friend and will be gone over 24 hours.  Whenever one kid is missing from the equation, it’s so quiet around here.  At least that’s what I hope and dream will happen tomorrow:  peace and tranquility.

Okay, if I’m asleep in fifteen minutes, I’ll get seven and a half hours before working again.

(Hey, I didn’t say every post this month would be fascinating, just that it would be written.)

5 thoughts on “Workaholic

  1. If you like memoir-type stuff, “Devil in the Details” by Jennifer Traig was great! Also, “Leave the Building Quickly” by Cynthia Kaplan (though I don’t agree with her thoughts on the existence of God).


  2. I like it when you write every day too.

    I am reading Reading Lolita in Tehran by Nafisi (I think that is her name). It is also a memoir and you find it in the bio section in the bookstore. i am almost done and i really like it. its about how fiction transfers to real life…quite interesting. especially her perspective.


  3. Hey! What about the slides and the captions??? I didn’t forget, ya know…after all, you have left us hanging. That’s just not right.


  4. I’ve read many of Anne Tyler’s books. I love them even it everything isn’t all happy and perfect at the end. The Amateur Marriage is an excellent one. Her newest tho the title escapes was really good as well. Good luck miss on the run!


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