I know! Can you believe I posted again?

I love having a daughter.  She is sassy and she follows me into the bathroom despite my pleas for privacy, but, oh, she delights me.  Shopping alongside her at Target was so fun tonight.  She likes to browse, going up and down the aisles, crying out, “Oh, isn’t this cute?” and examining various toys.  She is so unlike the boys that I cannot believe the difference.

When drag the boys into a store, they bicker and put each other in headlocks and cause me great misery.  To this day, I avoid taking them shopping with me.  But I can tell that shopping with my daughter will be fun.  She understands the rhythm and pace of browsing.  All I need to do is teach her about “Clearance” stickers and we’ll be all set.

Tomorrow I have to work:  eight hours broken into three shifts.  I will fit into my day parade-watching (two kids will be in the parade with my husband) and fireworks viewing (at 10:00 p.m. because it stays light so late at our latitude).  I suspect my husband will take the younger kids to the pool after the parade.  We’ll see.  I hate that I will be working, but love that I will be earning time and a half.

And I know!  I need to tell the story of the slides, but not tonight.  (I am such a tease.)

9 thoughts on “I know! Can you believe I posted again?

  1. I absolutely dreaded shopping with my mom as a kid. She tended to take it very personally if I didn’t like the things she wanted me to like, and I remember multiple fights while shopping. Because of this, I have sworn that I will not be like her when it comes to shopping. I’m not going to force my taste on my kids, even if I do think they look ridiculous. Because, wow. I hated that silver coat. And many, many other articles of clothing. I would make a whole blog post out of this, but my mom reads my blog, and there’s no sense bringing it all back up again.

    I’m glad you already love shopping with your daughter! I hope it’s always fun.


  2. I wish shopping with my daughter was fun. All she wants to do is go play the video games in the electronics department, which I refuse to let her do, because I have zero interest in standing there watching her do that (and at six, I’m not going to leave her by herself). I also wish she were a little more girly (didn’t fight me each Sunday to get into a dress) but not too girly (you know, prissy beyond all reason). A little balance would be nice!


  3. I’m with Sherry on this one. I HATED shopping with my mother, up to the day she died. It was agony. And because of those experiences I hate shopping to this day. I will NOT retail shop unless I absolutely have to, and then it’s go in, buy it, and get out of there. My daughter LOVES to shop but luckily she likes doing it alone or with her friends. The only kind of shopping I like is thrift stores…don’t ask me why. I guess I’ve got a thing about other peoples’ junk!


  4. you know…calling yourself a tease is really not severe enough. i’ve decided you’re telling absolute lies about the slides and their captions…>=P


  5. Oh, Mel, time with your daughter gets better and better! I love my Kathryn-Mommy time. Every year on her birthday we do a shopping trip, just the two of us. And every year, she declares, “This is a really good mother-daughter activity, don’t you think?” I have to agree, of course!


  6. So true. I am sad to hear that shopping with my boys (7 and 6 now) will not be getting easier anytime soon. What is up with boys and headlocks anyway?

    I really enjoy shopping with my oldest daughter, although, I am often convinced to spend too much money. That’s my mother’s fault. We’re currently working on restraint.


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