Fun Tuesday

Today my husband started his new job.  He resigned as the pastor of our church and now works for a large non-profit organization as the Chief Operations Officer.  We loved our church and did not leave because of anything negative.  The opportunity to work for the non-profit was just irresistible to my husband.  So, we close the door on ten years of ministry at our church and nearly twenty years of working as a pastor.

So we begin a new chapter of life.

* * *

I am determined to make this summer memorable and fun even though I am working forty hours a week.  I have arranged my schedule so I have Tuesdays off (until 8 p.m.).  Today, I took the kids to a movie (Wall-E) which everyone seemed to enjoy.  (My trick at the movie theater:  buy a large popcorn that comes with free refills.  Put a couple of paper lunchbags in your purse, immediately divvy the popcorn into separate bags and get a refill before the movie starts.)  On the way to the movie, we stopped at a video game store to one of the kids could rent a video game and one could buy a racing game.

After the movie, we stopped by the hardware store to buy a doorknob and brackets for hanging a curtain rod.  Then we stopped by the library.

When I was a teenager, I used to ride my bike to the library and spend the afternoon looking for books.  My four kids acted as if they’d never been in a library before, although they did keep shushing each other.  One of my 15-year old sons is an avid reader and we were there mostly for his benefit, but he couldn’t think of any authors that he likes to read.  So I led all four kids to the science-fiction/fantasy section and picked out a couple of books (C.S. Lewis, Doris Lessing and one other).  It’s tricky to supply him with books because I am concerned about protecting him from images I deem inappropriate.  I read stuff at his age that was wildly age-inappropriate and I don’t want him to do the same.

He loves to read so much though.  For fun this summer, he is almost finished re-reading Don Quixote.  He easily reads a normal-sized novel in a day or two.  It’s remarkable, really.

Anyway, then back home where I spent the next few hours preparing for a handyman to come over to install two curtain rods, a doorknob and a deadbolt.  Remember, I’d purchased brackets for a curtain rod because I couldn’t locate the ones I ordered months and months ago.  And wouldn’t you know it, as I was scooping up Legos off my son’s floor, I discovered the missing packet containing the brackets and screws.  (Did it drop from the ceiling?  How did it just appear?)

I found it rather annoying that my husband, the ex-pastor, scheduled this handyman to come on a Tuesday when we could have been at the pool in the precious few hours I wasn’t working.  I was so annoyed with him but really, it was my hormones speaking because I am irrational with premenstrual syndrome.  It’s bad.

My husband has finally noticed that I suffer from PMS and has stopped taking me quite so seriously.  I am a lucky woman.

My house is in disarray since the garage sale.  I want to right things, to put them in order, but I just can’t quite find the time.  In fact, tomorrow–seven and a half hours from now–I begin a twelve hour day.  It’s the price I pay for having easier days on Mondays and Tuesdays.  (At least I am not directing Vacation Bible School this year–I led it for six consecutive years!)
Oh, I just remembered what I wanted to say here.  It will have to wait until tomorrow.  I rediscovered some slides with the most shocking accompanying captions.  I do not know what to think about it.

But now, I must sleep.

8 thoughts on “Fun Tuesday

  1. My son (age 8) is a crazy reader like that too. His new, long, summer book that I made him save for the road trip… he finished it on the second day. Now he said that he likes it so much he’s going to read it three times this summer.

    We’re headed out to the used book store today to buy books for our Big Trip. Maybe it’ll last him through Texas…


  2. OK, you just revolutionized my movie watching experience. With for kids and one box of popcorn, it ain’t pretty. Lunch bags, who’d have thought? Thanks!


  3. Here’s hoping your husband will really ennjoy this new era of his life. My dad became a real estate agent after 15 years in the ministry. He loved it.


  4. This is none of my business so you don’t have to answer, but why did you leave the church because your Dh resigned as pastor?

    You are so busy, Mel, reading about your day is exhausting! 🙂


  5. It’s really not right of you to leave us wondering about the slides with the shocking captions…really…it’s not.


  6. You sound insanely busy. I also work from home – but with 25 hours a week at the office and the other 15 from home. I can’t imagine how you do it, since I’m busy enough with just ONE kid!

    Praying for you as your family starts this new chapter of ministry (isn’t LIFE ministry??? :o)



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