My husband and I are going to a costume party tomorrow night. I think this will be the first costume party we’ve attended in fifteen years, maybe longer. (We hosted that party, so long ago. I was the Tooth Fairy and he was a cowboy.)

We are going as a famous couple. We have chosen a couple that makes me chuckle . . . but what does not make me chuckle are the unclear shipping policies on the two websites I used to order parts of our costumes. GUARANTEED 1 to 5 days shipping actually means . . . oh, I don’t know, ONE TO FIVE DAYS SHIPPING, right?

Apparently not. Apparently you are supposed to understand that if you order past 9 a.m. (Pacific time), then you’re really ordering the next day. And the day they process the order doesn’t count. And five days really means eight days. Just in case you aren’t familiar with New Math. I ordered in plenty of time, according to the shipping chart, but I didn’t realize that five means eight. Silly me.

Tomorrow morning, I will be haunting the local Halloween shops.

Tomorrow night, I’d better be in my chosen costume or I will have to go dressed as The Very Angry Pastor’s Wife.

(And yes, either way, I’ll post a picture. Want to guess what famous couple we’ll be dressing as?)

9 thoughts on “Ack!

  1. I just went on this same rant about “shipping time” this past week!

    One company told me that they had what I wanted in their warehouse, but that it would take 3 days to process it, 1 day to prepare it to ship and 3-5 days to get it. When I asked for an overnight ship ( $45 more!) they reduced it to a 4 day wait. I wasn’t buying an SUV or a sofa. I was buying a lamp. How long does it take to find one lamp in a store that JUST sells lamps?!! AAARGH!

    Don’t they realize that there are other websites where I can get it just as cheap and a lot faster? The Internet has turned me into an efficient, consumer savvy maniac with very little tolerance for delays or poor customer service. I’m spoiled. An online diva.


  2. PICTURES!! We demand some pictures!!!

    Pretty Please???

    My guess is…..

    Romeo and Juliet. Wait, no, not them. Um, how about Bonnie and Clyde? No, how about Will Scarlett and Elizabeth from Pirates??


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