Ranting, raving and pointing fingers.

I like to keep my thumb on the pulse of pop-culture. I always have. I adore People magazine, though I am too cheap to spring for a subscription. I read movie reviews and watch movies (only in theaters because I am allergic to being interrupted while watching a movie . . . and my life at home is one big interruption after the next). I admit to a fascination with reality television (it’s okay, you can confess that you watch “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” and “The Real World”–I won’t sneer because I watch them, too).

But I cannot abide the following:

1. Kimora. While I do watch her show (while working late at night), I would never consider buying any of her clothing line (Baby Phat, in particular) because I find her so annoying, so self-consumed and so unable to spell. (I can’t stand “cute” spellings and slang spellings of words. Yes, I’m talking about you, Ludacris.) Seriously, when I’m in my favorite store (Marshall’s!) looking for bargains on the clearance racks, I recoil from anything that has a Baby Phat label. I am a Baby Phat snob and it’s all Kimora’s fault. Which brings me to . . .

2. Sean John Puff Daddy P. Diddy Diddy Combs. The problem I have with Sean John Puff Daddy P. Diddy Diddy Combs is his smug attitude, his pompous, insolent demeanor and his misplaced self-confidence. Oh, that and the fact that he failed Marriage 101 and is not married to any of his four children’s mothers. (Nice touch, cheating on your girlfried with whom you have twin babies.) I cannot tolerate him . . . not his music, not his reality shows, not his behavior, not the expression on his face, certainly not his music or his music videos, vodka, or perfume.  And, when I find a piece of his clothing line in Marshall’s, I reject it, no matter how much it has been marked down. I would not want the Sean John clothing label on any of my children. I don’t want to give one penny to Sean Jean Puff Daddy P. Diddy Diddy Combs. Ever.

3.  Joel and Victoria Olsteen.  My dislike for them is irrational, perhaps, and unwarranted, but I cannot stand the fake smiles plastered on their faces.  I want him to cut off his mullet.  I want her to stop speaking in platitudes and cliches.  I am a Yankee, I admit it, and even their accents irritate me.  (But not your accent.  No.  I love your accent.)  Why must these sorts of people be on television when I find them so dreadful?
*  *  *

And that concludes this week’s edition of The Annoyed and Judgmental.  (Yes, that’s me.  Annoyed and judgmental.)

15 thoughts on “Ranting, raving and pointing fingers.

  1. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks the Olsteens are fake and annoying. But, then again, I am wearing the judgemental hat today too. 🙂 Maybe one day people magazine will stop costing $60 bucks. Ridiculous!


  2. I’d never heard of the Olsteens before (yeah, we’re a little sheltered, up here in Canada), but was in a bookstore recently, and his grinning mug practically jumped out of the books and in my face. My first thought was “note to self – NEVER buy a book that screams ‘I am an ego-maniac'”.


  3. Oh Mel, I must be hopelessly lost when it comes to pop culture. I do not recognize ANY of the names in this post. I mean I’ve never even heard of them! Do we live in the same world? Mercy, I have to catch up I can see!


  4. I am so glad you included the Osteens. I have had very little exposure to them, but it is still too much. I wish our local Chapters would not have his book right at the front of the store…makes me not want to go in at all! And by the way, I just looked on wikipedia – oh my! He said he’d wants to focus on the power of love and positive thinking rather than the verses about sin – that others are more qualified to teach from the Scriptures. Not a wonder his church is the fastest growing – no one wants to hear about the consequences of sin, but many want the benefits of “loving God.” grrrrr….


  5. You have officially started my day off right! With a smile and a giggle.

    I too love Gene Simmons Family Jewels, strange, but, they are the best “TV” parents I’ve seen…

    And I also can’t bear to look at he Olsteen’s.

    The other two? I just ignore them.


  6. Do you really watch the Real World?? I’ve been watching Real World Sydney via the internet on MTV. I was only interested because it was shot in Sydney where I used to live. Are these people really indicative of young American people? I find their interaction, particularly the girls compellingly appalling! It scares me how shallow and self-centred they are. One girl there who claims to be a devout Christian, needs her mouth washed out with soap, and so nasty! What are your opinions?
    Cathy – Australia


  7. I live in Houston. We started running out of room for the Katrina victims and he never once thought to open his HUGE ass “church” although many of us were taking them into our homes.

    He’s a fake.


  8. It was liquid on her arm thingie…

    HOUSTON — A Continental Airline flight attendant filed a lawsuit this week saying she was assaulted on a flight by the wife of nationally known pastor and author Joel Osteen.

    The Federal Aviation Administration fined Victoria Osteen $3,000 for interfering with a crew member during a Christmas vacation flight to Vail, Colo., on Dec. 19.

    Osteen paid the fine in August to put the issue to rest, her attorney Rusty Hardin told the Houston Chronicle. She believes “very, very strongly” that she did nothing wrong, Hardin said.

    But Sharon Brown, a flight manager on that trip, said in her civil suit that Osteen assaulted her. Brown is seeking unspecified damages for past and future medical care, emotional pain, mental anguish, suffering and humiliation.

    The FAA report states that Osteen asked another flight attendant to clean a liquid on her first-class seat armrest. When that attendant said she would get another flight attendant, Osteen grabbed a second flight attendant and took her to the seat, the report said. The second attendant said she would call cleaning personnel and headed to the cockpit, the FAA said. Osteen followed her and came across Brown, whom she pushed and elbowed in the left breast in an attempt to get to the cockpit, according to the report.

    The flight attendants asked to have Osteen removed from the plane; she and her family left voluntarily. Osteen denies the charges of assault.

    “Victoria Osteen never assaulted her,” Hardin said. “This flight attendant just flipped out. I can’t answer why. The only thing I can say is that Victoria Osteen is the last person in the world who would assault anyone.”

    Joel Osteen preaches at Lakewood Church in Houston, where more than 35,000 people flock each weekend. His book “Your Best Life Now” has sold more than 4 million copies, and his weekly television address is broadcast nationally and internationally.

    “Victoria Osteen sent a letter out to her congregation saying she acted in a Christian-like manner,” said Brown’s lawyer, Reginald McKamie. “We’re going to let a jury of 12 people from Harris County decide whether she acted in a Christian-like manner.”


  9. As a Yank in the South I have to say I find the Olsteens a freakish caricature of my reality. I live in that town where instead of asking what you do for a living they ask where you go to church. (We moved from the town where they ask what you do…) Of course if you don’t go to THEIR church they offer that sacchrine invitation to THEIR church. “Door is open anytiiiime!”


  10. It is obvious that all of you who are blasting the Olsteens for one thing or another have the same kind of attitude he is trying so desperately to bring us from. Remember for every finger you point, there will always be three pointing back at you. Leave them alone. Anyone who lives for God “lives in a fish bowl” and all who are critically minded will be critical of them. Take time to examine yourselves. I would encourage you to rise above this level and see what happens when you do. You will not sink, and that has been proven time and time again. Look in the mirror….who do you really see?


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