The picture you’ve been waiting for.

Here we are: Dog the Bounty Hunter and his buxom wife, Beth.


Unfortunately, from this angle, you can’t see exactly just how buxom . . . and my pale pink lipstick has rendered my lips virtually invisible.

Still, we found ourselves utterly hilarious and won a very informal costume contest.

32 thoughts on “The picture you’ve been waiting for.

  1. oh my goodness. i made rob stare at it trying to figure out who you guys were…..2 minutes later….OH MY GOODNESS THAT IS ALVIN!!!


  2. That is too funny! I asked my husband who he thought it was and he said “Twisted Sister??”. He said this with a straight face which had me rolling over with laughter.

    You are too funny Mel. But hey, you look hot in the black dress!


  3. I LOVE IT!!!!! I LOVE DOG & BETH!!! I don’t ever miss an episode…and, I must confess that I spent $ on his recently published autobiography. Really, Mel. I did. (strictly, AND I MEAN STRICTLY, adult reading!) You crack me up!


  4. I knew you were going to do this and I was looking forward to seeing the pic. HA! You’ve exceeded my expectations!! Great job!

    P.S. I think this is the hairstyle you’ve been searching for!


  5. Great picture! Really! The phone rang as I was checking up on your blog. You should have heard me laugh, or rather guffaw, into the phone On the other line was my husband who kept saying, “What?! What?! until I could compose myself enough to tell him who you went as. Dog and Beth….I just love it!


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