Book Winner . . .

. . . will be announced tomorrow. I’m exhausted from a full day of life. And it wasn’t even that exciting, unless you count washing sweaters you bought from Value Village exciting. (Especially when you can’t put them in the dryer.)

Oh, and glory be! My 9-year old burst into tears when my husband reacted to the 9-year old burning his arm on the oven while broiling cheese on bread. I said, “Let me see the burn!” and he said, “It doesn’t even hurt!” and I said, “Why are you crying then?” and he said, “Because I hate it when Dad overreacts like that!”

Ha. I am not alone in my overreactions! This makes me feel strangely happy.

* * *

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3 thoughts on “Book Winner . . .

  1. If it makes you feel better — tonight my 14 year old had an encounter with some mean, drunk high schoolers, and was scared to death (and a little hurt). I called the police, dealt with it. It was all over. Husband came home and blew up all over the place. Somebody hurt his little boy.

    Isn’t it kind of cool that they love their kids so much? (and even the teenager agrees that my over-reaction was more appropriate than dad’s, for once).


  2. I believe all dryers should have a sweater specific setting…what do they think we wear in the winter?
    Hope the burn wasn’t too bad. Sometimes they don’t hurt immediately.


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