Super duper random

I’m loving this show, Flipping Out, but I am concerned about Jeff Lewis’ lips. I think he and Melanie Griffith must go to the same plastic surgeon and I just want to say STOP.

I saw a few episodes of Dog the Bounty Hunter tonight while I ironed my husband’s pants. I love that show, too, especially Dog’s hair. How can you not, really? And his wife, Beth, rocks.

I heard about the Beckham’s new fragrance, “Intimately Beckham,” and I have to say that I will never purchase said fragrance. I know nothing about David Beckham, but his wife, Victoria, scares me. Does she ever smile? Is she made of plastic? I am boycotting celebrity fragrances.

You’d think my brain would percolate with all kinds of interesting ideas and riveting thoughts, but no. Just . . . no. For some reason, my brain is as empty as the milk container in the fridge. I do hate it when I’m in the middle of a thought desert, nothing but sand as far as the eye can see.

However, I would very much like to be bogged down in a thought dessert, which I imagine would be a giant swimming pool filled with peanut butter chocolate cream pie. With whipped cream. And chocolate sprinkles.

*  *  *

Book winner is Tammy from Garden Glimpses.   Tammy, email me your address and I’ll send the book off to you!  Congratulations!

8 thoughts on “Super duper random

  1. Hi Mel,
    Again, completely agree with the celebrity fragrances. Why would I want to smell like Paris Hilton/Britney Spears??!!
    Also I think Victoria Beckham must be eating all that “plastic” surgery…she’s such a waste of humanity. Anyhooo..
    I want a dessert pool too! it would have unlimited whipped cream and lots of peanut butter (chunky) and a lil bit of chocolate and lots of sugar. And choclate sprinkles. Droooll.


  2. Their lips look like Goldie Hawn’s in First Wives Club…ick! Got to love Dog the Bounty Hunter…wish I were that tough. Not sure I agree with the use of foul language followed by a sweet prayer. Its interesting. I refuse to smell like a celebrity and instead prefer smelling like myself in all my Oil of Olay/Amarige glory. =)


  3. You know, I didn’t like Victoria Beckham either just from seeing pictures of her where she was always scowling. Then I watched her special, “Coming To America” and she was so cute and funny, she’s now my favorite celebrity. 🙂 Watching her get her California “driving license” was hilarious.


  4. Woo hoo! I’m sooo excited to have won the book! :::::pushing aside all those new old books from the library sale for this brand new one::::: I have not read one of Mary’s books yet, but have been intrigued by them as I’ve been reading her blog.

    :::::jumping in next to you in the dessert pool:::::

    Tammy ~@~


  5. I’m enjoying “Flipping Out” as well. Jeff is not nearly as OCD as I expected but he is very controlling. His lips have obviously been surgically altered. Why do people think this is a good look? They look like they have been stung by a bee. Not to worry about Jeff – he has LOTS of money, a television show, and lots of psychics to help him work out his issues!


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