The home repairs continue

And today, because I am just that fascinating, I went crazy with Liquid Nails and fixed a gliding footrest, a door, a drawer, and a piano bench. (I even used my staple gun on the piano bench. Bam! Bam! Bam!)

I drilled a hole in the ceiling and installed one of those fancy, heavy-duty hooks.

Then I drove to Lowe’s where I bought a new doorknob for the screen door. I used my drill again and installed the new doorknob. We’ve been sticking one finger into the empty doorknob hole for about, oh, two months, to open it up. And only one of us got a gaping, bleeding wound in all that time. Still. I replaced it. (Cost: eight bucks.)

Just call me Mrs. Fix-It.

(I know. How much more boring can I be? Could I just slap some wet paint up here so you could watch it dry?)

9 thoughts on “The home repairs continue

  1. I think it’s great. Rather than sitting around waiting for some man to fix things, you’re doing it yourself. This week I took down a 6’x6′ kennel, killed and removed flowering weeds that were five feet high, reseeded the grass, donated the kennel and the igloo dog house to someone in need, plunged the toilet repeatedly and tomorrow I am shopping for a new front screen door so that the kids can’t keep leaving the old one open.

    I like doing things like this myself. My husband could do them, but I like working on the house myself. I did it while I was a single mom and I still do.


  2. I have to admit, I’m jealous! I LOVE manual labor!!! Unfortunately the only thing needing fixing in our rental is a new house. Good old shifting foundation has the walls cracking and doors sticking.


  3. …….Wow! Impressive woman you are! I have been contemplating caulking the bathtub for over amonth now – I even have the caulk – now to fine the drive…..


  4. Kelly K. says:

    Snaps for you – Mel!! Your so awesome!!

    Isn’t Liquid Nails just the greatest invention??!! Except, I have to ask permission before I use it (I’m guilty of permenantly affixing things to other things that aren’t suppose to be glued together for life). LOL


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