And in other news

I caulked my bathtub.  I took my four year old with me to Home Depot, bought the necessary supplies, returned home, stripped off old caulk, washed the tub, wiped down the edges with bleach, wiped down the edges with rubbing alcohol and caulked.

This chore has been urgent for about two years.  Maybe more.

And now it’s done.

Please buy me a treat.

And in other news

6 thoughts on “And in other news

  1. Kristen Smith says:

    Hmm , how ’bout a couple of new towels? They are affordable and nothing compliments a fresh, clean bathroom like a fluffy towel. Plus that kind of treat doesn’t make your pants hard to button :).


  2. stacy says:

    Now, how was that? Because when I just caulk around the sink it looks awful. Am I making the bead too big or what? Help me oh talented caulker!


  3. Oh, I SO bad need to do that too. I’m just dreading it!!! If you’ll come do it to my bathroom I’ll not only give you a treat, I’ll put your name on a plaque and hang it from my bathroom door! (I’m a motivator…I know it.)


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