We’ll Saturday laugh more than half of the day*

At one point this afternoon, all three of my boys were unconscious, asleep in that drool-on-your-pillow kind of way because they “slept” over last night at their friends’ houses. My 9-year old reportedly went to sleep at 1:00 a.m., while my 14-year old twins stayed up all night long. When they came home at 2:00 p.m., they went straight to bed without even eating a bowl of cereal or dirtying a glass in the kitchen.

They are all awake now-the 9-year old went to a birthday party and the teens roused themselves to play with their neighborhood friends.

My daughter has become the perfect garage sale partner, with one unpleasant side effect: stuffed animals. She bought one at nearly every garage sale . . . finally I said, “NO MORE STUFFED ANIMALS!” and then, wouldn’t you know it, at the very next garage sale she found the cutest CareBear (pink, wearing a diaper) and even I wanted to buy it. She stood for a long minute, staring at it, while I pretended not to notice her. Finally, she asked if she could have it and I said, “Yes,” thus ensuring an ample supply of stuffed animals for the rest of our lives.

I pointed out to her afterwards that I had said “no” and then changed my mind and she thought that was quite funny. I did, too, but after that, really, I didn’t buy another stuffed animal.

She’s been wearing plastic Barbie skates since we returned home. For a year, she’s longed for roller skates and finally, her dream came true. (Only $3, including knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards.) I wouldn’t be surprised if she wants to sleep in them.

My husband has a cold and spent most of the day in our empty, quiet home. He is a lucky duck . . . well, except for the part about being sick. I have rarely been alone in my home for 14 years. Is it pathetic that I have a little fantasy involving being home alone? And that the fantasy involves cleaning out closets and sorting through boxes of stuff? Yes, it is. I know.

Well, there you go. A whole post without a single mention of the contest. (Go vote. It’s not too late.) (Scroll down, click on the picture labeled Melodee H. and I promise never to ask again.)

*can you sing that song?

We’ll Saturday laugh more than half of the day*

23 thoughts on “We’ll Saturday laugh more than half of the day*

  1. Not at all pathetic. My husband used to take my boys camping when they were small. I’d spend all day Friday and half the day Saturday cleaning. And then just enjoy the house for the rest of the weekend. It was the best present he could have given me.

    Yes, I can sing the song:)


  2. My little girl is my best yard sale partner too! She’s got so many clothes they don’t fit in her drawer, but they all cost 50 cents.

    And YAY! You won! Now stop emailing me, LOL. Congratulations!


  3. “Congratulations Melodee H. from Washingon state! With over 1600 votes, Melodee’s entry won our Fruity Cheerios Family Fun photo contest…and $500!”



  4. YEAH! You won! Congrats!

    OTOH, I lost my photo contest. I had a surefire way to win, but passed on it. I’m ok with it, and it sure made a great blog topic! 🙂


  5. Beate says:

    Ooh, we share the same fantasy!! Home alone…..The other night I went to the grocery store – alone! It was packed, but oh so blissfully quiet, lol!

    Congrat’s, btw 😉


  6. Susan says:

    I read your most recent post but comments are closed so thought I would write my thought here. I enjoy the blogging and reading others blogs even though I don’t always agree with each persons opinions…so keep blogging. Your blog is quite great and refreshing. Don’t let a few inconsiderate readers get you down. There will always be a few..kind of like there is always one “black sheep” in every family.


  7. Yeah, what Susan said. I love reading your blog, it makes my day. Don’t let a few naysayers get you down. You let people in because then you meet wonderful people like me! (grin)


  8. I scurried right over the minute the contest ended to check the fruity site. I was thrilled you won! Way to go! I voted every single day and checked it a dozen times a day! LOL


  9. I collected stuffed animals as a child and had well over 150 when my parents sold their house while I was in college. I gave most of them away. But I have a glass fronted bookshelf in my study with the creme of the crop. I guess I haven’t gotten over the stuffed animal thing, though. Stuffed bears are always following me home. I have several large bears living in my bedroom.


  10. Congratulations!! Three of the votes were mine so I can pat myself on the back.

    You closed the comments for a reason but I still want to assure you that most of us don’t behave that way. I consider the people I meet on line to be friends and I’d never treat a friend that way.




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