Cheap Entertainment


What I’ve discovered is that a digital camera with a roomy memory card is an excellent way to entertain a four-and-a-half year old child.  She took all these pictures, including the self-portrait.  I love seeing the world through her eyes.

All my boys are gone tonight, sleeping over at their friends’ houses.  This means that the kitchen is still clean.  The floor hasn’t collected cereal in the corners since I swept and mopped after dinner.  No popcorn kernels have been dropped on the family room floor.

And honestly, it’s too quiet.  Having my children away worries me . . . yet, ah, blessed silence.  Sooner or later I’ll have to accept that they will not always be safely ensconced under my roof . . . but I’m kind of glad it will be “later.”  I like knowing they are safely in their rooms, even when they are talking when they should be sleeping.  I miss them when they’re gone.  (I can’t believe I just said that.  Remind me when I complain about THE NOISE, THE MESS, THE NOISE!)
*  *  *

Now, look away if my incessant begging troubles you.  (Are you gone?  Really, look away because–for the last time–I’m going to ask for a favor.)

Please, will you vote one last time for me in the Fruity Cheerios contest?  Click here, scroll down and click on my picture (Melodee H.).  The deadline is Saturday night at 11:00 p.m.  Thank you!  (You know I’d do the same for you.)

Cheap Entertainment

6 thoughts on “Cheap Entertainment

  1. We always gave the kids disposable cameras for vacations and we looked more forward to seeing THEIR pictures than ours. Now ds has a digital and he definitely has an eye for things.

    AS LONG as we’re doing shameless plugs, can I get a shameless plug in for my contest? hee hee I’m in a photo contest (theme humor)
    Vote for Karen (Pediascribe)
    Help me win like you’re helping Mel win (although my prize would only be $20, not $500! 😉


  2. Marianne says:

    Most of the good pictures of my twins my daughter took. I am thankful she took them because I would not have many of them. My dd and I are going to CA and I plan on getting a couple disposable cameras for her to take pictures.


  3. Mr. P got one of those Fisher Price kid’s cameras for Xmas (from my sis) and he loves it! I agree with you that it is so interesting to see what they take pictures of.


  4. I voted….

    I understand the silence thing. Two of mine slept at a friends house, but the bad thing is when the two oldest are at work. That really drives me nuts. They are that much closer to being out of the house for good. 😦


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