1) My feet got bigger when I got fatter. Go figure. Usually, even when you’re fat, you can still shop for shoes, right? My feet went from a svelte size 8 to a hefty size 9.5. I can’t figure out which Clearance rack to browse these days when I go to Famous Footwear, the shoe store I love. (They shrunk and now I’m back in an 8.)
2) My 4-year old has swimmer’s ear, which I diagnosed myself. (I remember last summer.) I know that a few drops of vinegar dripped into her ear will cure her, but she acts as if I am dripping hydrochloric acid into her head. Even after I prove to her that she will not die from vinegar, she still cries because the drops are “very cold.”

3) My husband has a cold. He insisted that it was “allergies” for the first twenty-four hours. He’s never had an allergy a day in his life.

4) My 9-year old burst into tears this morning. Upon questioning, he admitted that he lost library books and owed “thirty dollars, probably!” I realize now that he has suffered from his secret knowledge of this mistake and subsequent guilty conscience for the past two weeks and that explains his somber face that I wondered about from time to time. He will receive only mercy, no punishment–his regret is punishment enough.

5) A few years ago, one of my other sons lost a library book about the moon. I searched relentlessly for that book. Three years later, it turned up. On the bookshelf.

6) Speaking of books, I finished Anne Tyler’s Earthly Possessions tonight. That woman is master novelist. I want to be Anne Tyler when I grow up.

7) The race for $500 is neck-and-neck . . . won’t you please click here and vote for me (Melodee H.) again? And, if you really love me, will you ask your friends to vote and put a link on your blog (if you have one)? Oh, you don’t even have to love me . . . just take pity on me . . . next month, we’re going to California with the kids and it would be so nice to drive our van rather than hitchhike.

8) Did you watch Tarzan when you were growing up? Remember the giant spider web? (1939 Tarzan Finds a Son!) Some days I am struggling in a giant spiderweb, just stuck while a pizza-sized spider heads my way. Oh, if you’ve ever seen that movie, you understand my dismay.
9) Five more days of school until summer vacation. But who’s counting?

10) Your turn. Tell me one haphazard fact about yourself. (And don’t forget to vote for me. Yes, shameless, pathetic, groveling . . . I know, I am.)


20 thoughts on “Haphazard

  1. Haphazard fact. I have to shave my big toes to wear sandals. How’s that? You were talking about the shoe size changing, how’s thing for strange? I have wrinkles on my ear lobes. Tiny ones, but many of them. I didn’t even know that my earlobes were fat! Sure enough, they are a whole different shape now. Fat is truly systemic.

    I voted. I have been making a point to do it every day. Good luck!!


  2. Library fines… I have probably personally paid for a new wing somewhere with the fines I have paid over the years. I owe about $11 right now, which means I can’t check anything else out until I pay it down. I still have two books in my van that I have renewed 3 times because I haven’t returned them yet. (eye roll)


  3. Susan says:

    I only know you through a friend of a friends blog, but I am devoted to voting for you and those cute Fruity Cheerio necklaces! I will be highly upset if we lose..haha! Swimmers ear…”Sweet Oil” is great and is what my mom used on all of us kids. Its something that can be warmed slightly so it doesn’t feel so cold going down the ear. It can be purchased at any pharmacy even Wal-mart has it. Great stuff..go for the little brown bottle. =)


  4. Totally random – I am an adult and I still have chronic ear infections. I feel your daughter’s pain! It IS cold (the drops)! And if her ear canal is raw the vinegar HURTS. One of the prescribed medications for the condition has vinegar in it and makes me smell like a big pickle.


  5. I haven’t had swimmer’s ear since I was 6 years old…but my mom always used rubbing alcohol in my ear – I remember freezing for 5 minutes afterwards.

    Random Fact: I have my first job interview in 4 years today at 3 p.m. after being a sahm all that time. I’m nervous and don’t know what to wear. But I have prayed about it and feel it is the right thing to do – our business is just barely able to support us right now and some months not at all. 🙂


  6. You think 9.5 is bad, try finding a pretty little pump in sizd 11 D! 😛 Sometimes I can get away with a size 10, but the width is very hard to find. Sigh.


  7. Marianne says:

    I voted. Yesterday you were blowing everyone away, today it is neck and neck.

    My feet went to a size 7.5 now they are back to 6.5 sometimes a 6.
    Useless fact, I just got home from the mall, and I took all 4 children. 6,4, 2,2. Yes I am completely nuts.


  8. I just bought a giant floppy straw hat to wear this summer. IT’s big enough to fall into the portable shade category, I hope it helps with the sun headaches I usually get.

    I should go and buy linen walking shorts and tennis shoes and flimsy button up blouses to match.


  9. I say, keep asking for votes! I want to hear of it fifty times more! (Please, someone get that reference)

    Ok, random fact. It is now 1:30 P.M. and half of my children are still in bed.


  10. Anisah says:

    Hey Mel!! It’s me; Anisah!! I know you thought me to be dead and gone, but things went terribly wrong. I have no cell phone to read your blog, but I never forgot about you. I could never let go of the advice you gave to me, and hold you as a special friend. I am staying at my mothers now with the kids, and that is how I am able to read your blog and write you. My husband and I are no longer together. (He’s met someone.)
    Anyhow; I voted for ya!! And I’d vote over and over and over.


  11. My DD was just in to the dr yesterday and was diagnosed w/ swimmer’s ear and an ear infection. When we were at the pharmacy to pick up the prescription drops, the pharmacist said the hold the little bottle in my hand for 5 minutes before putting the drops in her ear because cold eardrops can be painful. Can you maybe warm the vinegar up just a little bit? I’m not accusing, just trying to help.


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