Sticks and stones

On a few occasions, I’ve received off-putting emails from people who have read this blog. I consider this blog a lot like my living room and those of you who read it like friends who’ve stopped by for an icy glass of Diet Coke. I chatter on about my family or maybe we talk about something in the news. I think of you as friends I haven’t met in real life yet.

But then, an email reminds me that some readers are just standing at the front window peering in and they have no qualms about throwing rocks if they don’t like what they see.

I find that very odd.

I also find it disconcerting when I have unintentionally offended someone and they email me in a big huff. Once, months ago, someone emailed me to scold me and reprimand me because I sent her an email. (I can’t remember what it was about, but it was a long time ago.) I had no idea she was even mad at me . . . we’d previously exchanged a series of emails and I thought that conversation had ended happily. I was wrong. (I’m still puzzled about that, though.)
It’s strange, this blogging business. Sometimes I wonder why I fling open my door and let people come in.

* * *

And now for an awkward juxtaposition: I won the Fruity Cheerios contest and $500, thanks in large part to my blog readers and friends. Thanks so much! I’m shocked and delighted!

Sticks and stones