Yesterday: Puke Galore

Warning:  Do not read this is you’re eating something and you are prone to sympathy gagging.  I’m telling a gross story here.

*  *  *

No Retreat, No Surrender buy So, last you heard, I was heading upstairs with a roll of paper towels to clean up old vomit.  Boy, was that fun.  I hate to tell the Bounty paper towel people, but I resorted to old cloth diapers because even a fancy, deluxe paper towel couldn’t handle vomit-soaked carpet.

Sunday afternoon, I took my 4-year old to the swimming pool for a couple of hours.  She’s already swimming underwater with no fear or hesitation.  I read my book (Stephen King’s On Writing) as much as possible, which was not much because every two minutes, she beckoned me, “Mom!  Look at me!”

What a lovely afternoon of leisure.  My husband cooked dinner when we returned home.  After we ate, I continued reading.  And then, oh, then the inevitable happened.  My daughter cried out, “My tummy hurts!” and I heard a rustle in the hallway and shot to my feet.  My husband was in the hallway, but I didn’t hear what he said, something about throwing up and I said, “IN THE TOILET!  IN THE TOILET!” and he said, “She already did it!”

Oh.  Yeah.  She was screaming.  A glistening puddle of vomit shone at her feet and I said, “Are you done?” and I lifted her over the puddle into the bathroom and she yurked right into the sink, all the while screaming.  I said, “Okay, okay, are you done?” and she drooled a little and then I directed her to the toilet–at last, a bulls-eye–and she finished her puke-fest, then shrieked and cried some more until I said, “Are you done?” and she nodded and I said with perhaps a bit too much cheer, “Well, then, don’t you feel better?” and she agreed, but she still cried because she had vomit on her legs.

I ran the bath and while she soaked in the steaming water, I scooped up the shocking amount of vomit with toilet paper so I could flush it all.

Well, that sounds fun, doesn’t it?  I’m lucky that I have no gag-reflex whatsoever.

This stomach churning continued through the night until 4:00 a.m.  She spent most of the night on her bedroom floor, staring at the television, writhing around to escape her stomach pain, occasionally dry-heaving onto a towel.  I spent most of the night suspended in that state between wakefulness and sleep, running every hour or so to her room to comfort her.  (I realize that I sound like a terrible mother, leaving her to her illness, only checking in from time to time.  I assume that she dozed off between cries.)  At 4 a.m., she came into my room to inform me that her stomach felt better, so I said, “Good.  Go get some sleep.”

I think she did.  When I got up to walk at 6:15 a.m., I could see a sliver of light under her closed door, but she was quiet.  I think she’d fallen asleep with the light on.

I did take a small nap Monday morning after my walk, but despite that, the day was a blur.  Today, still, I’m bleary-eyed and tempted to take a nap, even though I’m not the napping type.

The end.

Yesterday: Puke Galore

6 thoughts on “Yesterday: Puke Galore

  1. Oh barf, just when you think you’ve gone long enough with it, it decides to say hello. I remember telling my mom when I was little that I would rather have chicken pox than throw up…then I got the chicken pox.


  2. I have an overactive gag reflex even when unpregnant… and that scenario would have certainly made me gag… I posted a couple of months ago about how when my dh was out of town, my FOUR boys (7 and under) all had the worst vomit bug ever… Lasted a full week and the two worst days of it started the day after my husband left… all of them were vomiting in their beds at the same exact time. It was HORRIBLE. Never done that much laundry in my life. Dry vomit in the lint catcher is really still vomit and it is not a pleasant thing to remove. Just FYI.

    I’m having a massive series of apron giveaways this week at my blog! Don’t forget to come and enter all of them! :^D They could protect your clothes in situations like this… not that you’d want to get vomit on them either though…


  3. I hate throw-up days. Those are the absolute worst. Hope your daughter is feeling better now. We had a barf fest last year that went on for six weeks, as it bounced from person to person to person in our family, then to a friend’s house, then back again for another round. I’ll never forget it.


  4. You’re a braver soul than me. I can’t clean up puke. No way, no how. I swear, if my kids puked when my husband was out of town I’d have covered it with something until he got back. I can’t even hear someone vomiting without gagging myself. I went for nearly 24 years (seriously) without vomiting because I absolutely refused. One I start, I can’t stop. I’ll have to post about what happened to us when our daughter was little one time on my blog, too long to put in someone else’s.


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