Embarrassing misbehavior

I was thinking today about misbehavior that embarrasses us as mothers . . . first I thought about a child who bites, then about a nose-picker, then about one who can’t keep his/her hands out of her pants.

Anybody else have examples of your children’s behavior that makes you blush? (And you can’t seem to get them to stop?)

Embarrassing misbehavior

16 thoughts on “Embarrassing misbehavior

  1. Constantly interrupting when I’m talking to someone and LOUD whining in public when I’ve said “no”…those are the two I fight the most…and they are both from my soon-to-be five year old son. Augh.


  2. My 8yo still sucks her thumb, which wouldn’t be so bad, but she has always since infancy twiddled a finger in her bellybutton at the same time! It looks so weird on a girl that old!!! The 7yo is a thumbsucker AND nosepicker — you know when they’re about 2 and they figure out that they can get their index finger in their nose at the same time their thumb’s in their mouth? Yeah, she never quit that either. Sigh. And the boy . . . yeah, he eats his and gives me the wickedest grin as he does so!!! At least he’s still just 3.


  3. I had a thumb-sucking belly button twiddler too. He played with his belly button so much, it was reversible. All he had to do was pull and his innie became an outie. He stopped that though.

    Now the most embarrassing things my kids do is I’d have to say mouthiness. And it’s mainly my 10 year old girl.


  4. My son tends to, uh, “adjust” himself a lot, and he claims that “it” is “dried out” and he has to pull on it. Whatever the heck that means.


  5. Its the throw-yourself-on-the-ground-and thrash-about-because-dad-lost-baggie-of-raisins-tantrums that get me. Of course, my daughter is two, so maybe she’ll grow out of them…


  6. I had one who was a ‘truth monitor’.

    Anything I said that wasn’t EXACTLY correct, he would correct. In public, in private, in his sleep…

    I sat him down once to explain the difference between creative story telling and ‘not bearing false witness against your neighbor’.

    He aspires to be a fiction writer.

    He’s an excellent journalist.


  7. Nilda says:

    My five year old farts all the time; and not just little ones; he sounds like a grown up man when he does. I remember when he was just seven months old we were looking for a new church, so we sat down in the very last pew of this one church in Martinsburg, WV. During the sermon he tooted so loud and long we had people from three pews in front of us looking back and giving us a mad look; I tried to tell them it came from my little seven year old, but none of them believed me. Needless to say, we never went back; we were so emberressed.


  8. Lisa Louise says:

    I have a 13 year old who can’t seem to keep the top of his cotton boxer shorts inside the top of his pants. The stick out the back like an inflated parachute. I just bought boxer briefs hoping this will help. We’ll see.

    My 17 year old sneezes with such violence that he has nosebleeds. He can’t seem to anticipate when this occurs so this can be really fun to watch while eating or shopping at the mall. If you like that sort of thing.

    My 10 year old scratches whatever itches whenever it itches no matter where he is.Once when he was 4, he reached down the back of his pants to relieve an unmentionable itch on the front row at church. I nearly fainted.

    When he was 7 he loudly announced to his Sunday School class that he had “nipples” (! ) He was quite proud of that fact for reasons I cannot explain….


  9. Amy says:

    All I had to do was read the title of this post, and I was swiftly brought back to the day when my sweet little girl, who was 4 at the time, dropped her pants and BA-ed the entire McDonald’s playland. Another mother approached my table of mothers, and asked if the offending child was one of ours. As I turned to look, I was thinking, “What has someone else’s child done, now?” Imagine my horror when I realized that those cute little buns belonged to my own kid! Of course, she was too high up to reach, and my so-called girlfriends were roaring with laughter.

    I plan to use this episode to its fullest when the time comes that she complains that I am embarrassing her. Ha!


  10. My seven year old is completely clueless. Doesn’t sound too embarrassing until you realize how this can translate into social situations. We were waiting in the checkout line at Walmart when he chose to ask (in his outside voice), “Mommy, why are you pregnant? Aren’t we broke enough?” yikes. And this is the same kid that is usually telling me we need to have a dozen kids.


  11. My five year old belches loudly in people’s faces. OF course his dad and uncles think this is hilarious so it’s going to be a very hard habit to break.


  12. Marykay says:

    I won’t reveal my own kids, but I saw something hilarious today at the elementary school awards ceremony. A 5th grade girl was given an award pin for a particular subject along with about 7 classmates. When the teacher gave her the certificate and pin the girl looked down at the pin, squinched up her brow and rolled her eyes as if to say, “This is IT? This measley pin is ALL I get? What a ripoff!” I had to clap my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing out loud.


  13. I could go on and on but I think it’s the worst when they fight at school. We’ve had some major lectures to our first school age child for punching a kids tooth out, wrestling in class, and other embarassing moments.


  14. I was going to put something here, but everyone else’s are so funny! I have to admit, my daughter is a major farter at 5yrs, but that’s partially my fault, really it’s my dad’s legacy. Talk about your generational “sin”.


  15. Misty says:

    I think the most embarrassing thing that my girls ever did was when they were 8 & 10 (now 10 & 12). I believe it was the first time that I had invited my then boyfriend over for dinner with the girls and I and they brought him to my room and showed him my underwear drawer. I believe in comfort over sexy so my selection wouldn’t have been man-worthy to see. It only happened the once, but I haven’t brought another boyfriend home for them to meet.


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