Eight random facts

I’ve been tagged. 

I won’t tag you, either, because I am just too lazy.  But here are eight random facts about me.  

1)  My favorite television drama was “thirtysomething.”  I still miss it.  (This is fresh on my mind because of People magazine.)

2)  I was born in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, but I have no memory of living there because we left when I was an infant.  My parents moved twenty-five times (or so) before I was five.  And they were not military, either, and had no good reason for their nomadic ways.

3)  I’ve lived in the following states:  Washington, Oregon, Missouri, Michigan, Connecticut, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Kansas, Montana, Minnesota (I think), North Dakota (again, I think).  I’ve lived in my current house longer than anywhere in my whole life.  (Also . . . we bought this house sight unseen.)

4)  Next month, I’ll celebrate my 20th anniversary.

5)  I grew up going to old-fashioned camp meetings, complete with sawdust aisles and emotional altar calls.  (Some of you will have no idea at all what that means, but some of you will immediately start hearing “Just As I Am” in your head.)

6)  In junior high, I was gonged off the stage during a school “Gong Show.”  I was dressed as a hippie and singing “The Merry Minuet.”  There were no hippies in 1979, so this was, perhaps, a mistake on my part.  I thought it was hilarious . . . until I was gonged. 

7)  I love to read the newspaper from beginning to end, though I admit to skipping over the business section.

8)  I hate to swim with my face under water. 

Eight random facts

7 thoughts on “Eight random facts

  1. Thanks for the 30 something link. I loved that show too. I still have 5 episodes on VHS somewhere – when Lifetime did the top 10 episodes in the 90s.

    And I have the soundtrack. We played the song “Ellyn’s Wedding” at our wedding.

    Didn’t know you were a fellow cheesehead.

    I hate putting my face in the water, too.

    Happy Sunday!


  2. I was born in Michigan, not far from Wisconsin, and also left as an infant. I’ve lived in Minnesota, and driven through the rest of your states. I’m celebrating my 20th anniversary in about 3 and a half months. Other than that we are as different as night is from day, no way we were separated at birth. Not. a. chance.


  3. Lisa says:

    Oh Lamb of God, I come, I come. I was just thinking of that song the other day. It reminds me of my grandparents. I miss them.


  4. Marianne says:

    Well, glad you lived in MI. I have been here my whole life all 32 years. HAve moved around alot in the Metro Detroit Area though.
    My husband talks about leaving here and I get a little weepy.
    The show thirtysomething, I would like to watch it now. I think I would be able to relate to it now.


  5. That was a really good list. I tend to fall in love with TV shows that get canceled after only one or two seasons. Wow! All those different moves. Thanks for participating.


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