Shameless plug for myself!

Won’t you click on my other blog, The Amazing Shrinking Mom?  I write there nearly every day . . . and for some reason, my traffic has fallen off this month (all those New Year’s Resolutions have lost their power?) and I’m feeling a little neglected. 

How pathetic I am.  But still.  Click for me?

Shameless plug for myself!

7 thoughts on “Shameless plug for myself!

  1. There are still 24 hours in each day, no more and no less than there were in January. But I can’t seem to find time enough to visit hardly anywhere any more. I barely find time to blog, tho I still try to keep at it on an almost-daily basis because it IS my journal. Where do the hours GO, Mel?!? Maybe because I hand-water all my flowers and it takes about an hour per evening?? HA! But, still…that leaves 23! 😛


  2. Marianne says:

    Still checking the other blog, just have a tendency to get overwhelmed with daily life. LOL. So I might not even get on the computer for a day or two or three.


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