Moonbeams home in a jar

While driving to the grocery store at 9:15 tonight, I was startled by the moon.  It hung low in the sky like a battery-operated coin.  I was a hazard while driving along, because not only was I staring at the moon but I was also digging in my purse in search of my camera.  (It was not there.)

When I finished shopping, the moon had risen higher and shone bright white.  I admired it while I drove.  I walked the length of my driveway to catch one more glimpse of the moon.

Then, I said goodnight. 

Goodnight nobody.

Goodnight mush.

And goodnight to the old lady whispering “hush.”

Goodnight stars.

Goodnight air.

Goodnight noises everywhere.

* * *

As some of you mentioned, the moon is a blue moon tonight . . . the second full moon in a month.  Last time a blue moon appeared was in June 2004, I think. 

Moonbeams home in a jar

11 thoughts on “Moonbeams home in a jar

  1. I was driving home tonight with a friend after going to dinner and I glanced up and the moon was so bright and beautiful if startled me and I forgot what I was saying.

    That is one of the wonderful things about living in the Pacific Northwest…I appreciate the stars and moon more when we have a clear night and I can actually see them and I appreciate the sunshine a lot more than when I lived in the desert and got it every day.


  2. I still maintain that motherhood has provided me with so much poetry and so many new ways to define my world; “Goodnight, Moon” is one of my favorite books, period, right up there with “Guess How Much I Love You.”


  3. Good night mouse
    Good night house..

    For a month my first grader’s class was keeping track of the moon’s phases. Every night before bed, we’d all go outside, find the moon and talk about it. My littlest would say bye bye to the moon every night as we would go back inside.


  4. We read this EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. along with a book called, “My Angel and Me” and “My Goodnight Book”. These are the nightly staples that have not changed in 3 years. Though the fourth book changes almost nightly and lately has been a lot of Strawberry Shortcake stories, or Dora.

    Love it. Have a happy Blue Moon night!


  5. I don’t care if I’m 3 or 53…the moon will never lose its mystical power. Nor will the rest of the heavens. And am I the only mother in America who never read “Goodbye, Moon”? Maybe it came out after my kids were past bedtime stories…


  6. I chanted “Goodnight Moon” over and over and over in rhythm with the rocking chair when I was in labor with our second child. It was my only unmedicated birth.

    This book drives some people batty, but it will always hold a meaningful place in my heart.


  7. Our moon on over here on the east coast was also awesome last night. We could see it very early, well before dark. I pointed it out to my children and my son said, “Mommy, the man in the moon is HUGE!!!!!” My poor daughter can’t see the man in the moon—Odd, since she’s the more “creative” one. I love moon watching………and the old lady whispering “Hush”.


  8. I love goodnight moon. On days when Charlie is having a really hard time, a couple of recitations of Good Night Moon will still calm him down.


  9. I’m sorry that I missed that. We are suffering from severe haze brought on by the fires in Georgia. (I’m actually in North Alabama). I’m longing for some clear skies and a beautiful full moon.


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