Post Holiday Weekend

So, Memorial Day weekend has passed and all I have to show for it is one right sunburned shin and one left sunburned forearm.  That’s because on Saturday, I sat on one side of the pool and on Monday, I sat on the other.  On Monday, the wind fluttered all afternoon and the sun kept ducking behind clouds and I was cold in my short sleeves, so when the sun appeared, I scooted my chair right into the burning rays to warm up.  I have no regrets.

I cleaned out my storage room on Sunday while my husband took my youngest daughter to visit some friends.  When I say “cleaned out,” I don’t mean cleaned out as in Clean Sweep.  Oh no.  Who has the time to do such a gratifying clean up in a stray hour or two?  I merely sorted through the piles of junk that has accumulated in the middle of the floor.  I loaded up a bunch of garbage bags to unload at Goodwill.  Good riddance.

I also walked a nearby 3.3 mile trail with views of the Puget Sound and wind whipping up the winding pathways.  I walked alone, which is good because any of my children would have whined and complained like the Children of Israel heading for the Promised Land.  (“My legs hurt!  I’m thirsty!  I want to go home!”)  I walked briskly, congratulating myself on my superior cardiovascular system.  (That’s what daily exercise will do for you.  I haven’t missed a day of exercise since August of 2006.  Be impressed.  Be very impressed.)

My daughter has decided she wants to live with Mr. and Mrs. S., an empty-nester couple from our church who have a dog.  (They aren’t much older than us, but they started reproducing while they were still young, whereas it took us quite a while to produce offspring.)  Anyway, she came home tonight after an hour’s visit complaining bitterly that she still wanted to be at their house with their dog.  In fact, she said, “I want to live with Mr. S.”  I said, “Won’t you miss me?” and she said, “No.”

Well.  Okay.  Same to you, kid!  Actually, this change in her personality is such a shock to me.  She was such a clingy baby, not even letting her grandmother touch her . . . and now she’s ready to move out thanks to a cute Schnauzer. 

Oh, and she swims underwater, just as she did at the end of last summer.  I thought it would take her some time to get acclimated to the water since she hadn’t swum all winter . . . but no.  She just bobbed right under without hesitation.  She paddles from one edge of the pool to the other. 

I just finished reading Peace Like a River.  I cried at the last paragraph.  What a book.  I recommend it with my whole heart.  By the way, if you click on “What I Read” over there under my picture, you can see a list of the books I’ve read recently.  I love . . . it’s a great way to keep track of what you’re reading, what you want to read, or the books you own . . . whatever works for you.  I own too many books to catalog, so I’m just adding books as I read them.

Isn’t it lovely that we’re almost halfway through the week?  I am thrilled . . . already, I need a weekend! 

Post Holiday Weekend

9 thoughts on “Post Holiday Weekend

  1. In a similar fit of frustration, my nephew told my sister that he didn’t want her to be his mommy anymore.

    “Oh, really,?” she asked. “Who do you want instead?”

    Grandpa Ron,” he declared quickly. Obviously he’d given this some thought.

    So, yeah, it’s not just your kid.



  2. Mel…I just popped over to Amazon and read the first 4 pages of “Peace Like a River” and I’m totally hooked. I have to go get it now. It sounds so incredibly good!

    And my 10 year old daughter is CONVINCED she was born to the wrong mother because she really prefers my 53 year old sister in law to me since Diana spends “quality time” playing games with her…etc. etc. etc.


  3. LOL – love the image of kids complaining like the Children of Israel! Sounds just like mine when I try to drag them around the walking path around our condo. I’ve even told them they could ride their bikes with me (thinking that would be fun), and I end up dragging one bike or the other and STILL listening to the kvetching…


  4. I love that feeling of having a “superior cardiovascular system”. That feeling is even made sweeter by the knowledge that there was a time when I was totally out of breath after two flights of stairs. Ha!

    I’ll trade my almost forty-year-old body for my then twenty-year-old any time.

    And my son wants to move in with his grandmother. He doesn’t like that he “always has to do things” here. Like brush his teeth or wash his hands. I know, I’m so unfair.


  5. Amy says:

    I didn’t know we had such a trail near here… sound lovely! How I long to walk. Someday soon. *sigh* I am so impressed with your exercise streak (different from streaking when you exercise… don’t get them confused). What motivates you? What got you started? What forms of exercise did you try and not like, then what HAS worked for you? I’m so nosy.


  6. Your weekend does in fact sound lovely.
    Congrats on exercising like you do – very impressive. I need to do that. How do you find the time, how do you make it work? You own equipment at your house, right? Is that what you use most to exercise? Tell me your secrets!


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