Tech Support

Christmas is over in this house. I took down the Christmas tree yesterday and all the other decorations today. (Outside the house is a different story. I still have lights up. I should take them down tomorrow when it warms up to 35 degrees, but I will be driving my son to the airport instead.)

My office floor was the recipient of random stuff that doesn’t have a home yet, including too many books I picked up at thrift stores this weekend. It’s like the tide coming in and washing things shore. Every time my daughter comes, I have to clear out the office floor for an air mattress and the second she leaves, in comes the tide.

(Clearly, we learned nothing this holiday season.)

I have yet to get everything in here organized. It’s process. At least my books are shelved. That makes me so happy.

I accidentally read a 946 page book over the last few months. 1Q84, written by a Japanese author, is about two people who inhabit a parallel universe in Japan. That’s a lame summary but I started reading it because it was described as “dystopian” and at some point I downloaded it because is was on Kindle sale. I had no idea what I was embarking on when I began reading it. I’m not even sure I liked it but I stuck with it and finished it. Now I’m reading a book by Rainn Wilson (the actor who played Dwight Schrute on The Office.) It’s entertaining, plus he is almost my age and spent his school years in the Puget Sound, the same as me.

After I got Christmas tucked away in the garage, I started putting my regular decor back but that involved dusting and rearranging and when it got late, I gave up and stacked it randomly on a bookshelf. That will be a task for another day.

Then I set up my husband’s new iPhone. In addition to my riveting blog-writing, I am also my husband’s Tech Support. Is there no end to my talents and abilities?

No, but there is an end to this post.


2 thoughts on “Tech Support

  1. You made me laugh. I like knowing what you’re up to. I’m truly impressed you finished that book – I wish I could read as fast as you and had your attention span.


  2. Hi Mel, you have been blessed beyond belief, with the beautiful geographical settings in which you have been privileged to live. Every day, you should fall down and say, “Thank you!”
    I keep most of the Christmas decorations up until Epiphany/Theophany. Some will even stay until Candlemas/the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple/Groundhog Day. Because that’s how we get though overcast winter days. The candles. A few lights.
    Our neighborhood chat said people in Virginia have been asked to leave up outdoor lights to cheer up the health care workers. So, there’s that.
    Those Kindle discounts are a time killer! I am cleaning up an overloaded, weighed down Kindle account, sticked with freebies, and it’s a job.
    Happy New Year!


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