Silver white winters

I always knew that the sun sets earlier in the winter in northern latitudes. The gloomy Pacific Northwest winter sun seemed to barely rise, inch around the horizon and with a sigh, sink back into the horizon. You’d leave your lights on all day because it was shadowy and dim. Don’t get me started on the fact that you might not see the blue of the sky for weeks on end back in the Seattle area. It makes for a dismal winter existence.

But what I didn’t fully understand was that the sun rises so much later at this latitude than in San Diego, where I spent nine years. (My current latitude is similar to Portland, Oregon’s latitude.)

When I’d describe going to school in the dark and coming home in the dark when I was a kid, I felt like I was exaggerating, but as it turns out, I really did go to school in the dark. The sun would rise at 8 AM but I’d have to be in my classroom seat by 7:17 AM (in high school). It wasn’t just dark because of the cloud cover; it was dark because the sun hadn’t risen yet.


I woke up late today, this the second day of four days off in a row. I went to another thrift store where I scored some more books and two vintage platters (“Temporama”) and then to TJ Maxx where I shopped the clearance racks. I washed my car and went to Costco for cheap gas and a few groceries.

But what caught my attention all day while I was out and about were the stunning bare trees which were coated with a sparkling, glistening coat of ice, thanks to the early morning fog. I wanted to be tromping around, photographing the trees but as of yet, I don’t know where to go for the perfect photo op, so I just took several shots around town with my trusty iPhone.

Why didn’t I know that bare trees would be so glorious in the winter?

2 thoughts on “Silver white winters

  1. So nice to have you posting again! I also moved north (not as much difference as YOUR move), from St. George, Utah to Salt Lake City, Utah. This is my second winter here, and I agree that the winter landscape is lovely. I started my life in Southern California (San Gabriel Valley) where I lived for the first 40 years of my life. I had a devil of a time adjusting to the “cold” winters in St. George, while all the other residents praised our mild winters. But over the 26 years I lived there, I acclimated at some point. So the move to SLC was not as jarring as I’d imagined. I walk to work up a nice little incline, so I invested in shoe grippers and ski poles. I might LOOK like a lunatic, but I arrive safely on snowy or icy days. I hope all is well at your new home.


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