Stuff and nonsense

I baked cupcakes the other day without adding the baking soda. Ugh.

There are still no paper products at the local Albertsons grocery store.

I’m in the middle of my workweek and I’m so tired that I am squinty.

(On my back patio.)

All the parks and trails and beaches are closed here and this week the weather is supposed to warm up to the 80s and I’m feeling kind of bitter about not being able to go outside and enjoy the weather–and my time off–in nature.

I replaced a door knob this week. Grease covered my hands and I had to use sheer determination to compensate for weak hands. It’s funny how directions use one sentence (“Remove screws from face plate”) and it sounds so simple until you realize that you cannot access the screws because the thingamajig is stuck and so you have to bend metal with a screwdriver handle. But I did it. It took a solid hour.

You know what’s worse than cooking dinner? Cooking dinner after a twelve hour shift. Yesterday I ate avocado toast and baby carrots for dinner. Tonight, we’re having English muffin pizzas. Tomorrow? A bowl of cereal and a cup of water. Or maybe gruel. I just don’t care. The fresh vegetables I bought a week ago are probably rotting. I’m trying to care, but I’m just too tired.

I saw a guy in a tiger costume skateboarding and being filmed by another guy with a fancy camera in Carlsbad the other day. I wish I had more information about that.

Okay, well, this has been your friendly nonsensical update.

Farewell until next time.

One thought on “Stuff and nonsense

  1. I don’t even work outside the home & I can identify with being too tired to cook dinner. Hey! At least you ate, who cares what you ate, right? Thank God for leftovers! Thank God my husband loves leftovers!


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