The first cut is the deepest

I finally did it. I called the cable company and cut off cable television. Of course, I also increased our internet, but the bottom line is that I cut $200 a month.

Why didn’t I do this earlier? I supposed it’s because I remember the old days before cable television (five channels if you were lucky) and hadn’t fully embraced the new days of streaming services–even though my kids fully have. We have Hulu and Amazon Prime and Netflix, so we will never lack something to watch–and none of my kids have watched real television for years.

I was determined to do nothing today. It sounds easy but for some reason, I find it incredibly difficult to just laze around. I woke up and decided to go for a walk. Turns out it was rainy but I went anyway, listening to a podcast about Joe Exotic (that guy! have you heard about him yet?). My daughter asked if I’d bake something because it’s her boyfriend’s birthday today, so I baked brownies.

Then I decided to get a late lunch at Chik-Fil-A and drive along the beach. Again, it was rainy but it was relaxing to drive and listen to yet another podcast. I stopped by the Flower Fields and took a couple of photos and then my husband called and now here I am.

What will I do with the rest of my do-nothing day? I think I’ll stream something . . . or scroll on my phone or maybe I’ll even read.

Tomorrow? My son is getting his wisdom teeth pulled, so that will set the framework for the day. (Better him that me. Fun fact: I never had wisdom teeth at all.)

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