Ever have one of those weeks?

Listen, if you are having a crazy, stressful, exhausting week, let me tell you how you can just rev up the excitement a few notches.

Before bed, have your 19-year old tell you that the car he drives (that you own/lease) has been driving “funny.”

Then, wake up with a seriously stiff neck.

Early in the morning, take the car to the mechanic where he will diagnose a broken transmission.  Now, I don’t know much about cars, but I do know that:

Broken transmission = All our money

Later on, take your adult son (who is unable to work at the moment) to the dentist and have the dentist say these words:  “orthodontia” and “wisdom teeth removal.” This adult son has no dental insurance, so this is dire news indeed. 

Now, I know you think that’s enough fun for one day.

But no.  There’s more.

Grab the mail and discover that you are the lucky winner of one early morning of Jury Duty in two short weeks!

Now, go loan your car to your 19-year old and have a great day working from home and figuring out something to cook for dinner!

(p.s. The car should be under warranty, but don’t fear.  Something else will break and require all your money soon.)




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