Hail, February!

The wind blew with such fury last night that I wondered if I’d wake to find a tree crashed through my ceiling.  My kids reported that hail woke them at 3 AM.  Yet this morning the sky was perfectly blue and the sun was shining.

A new day.

On Mondays I usually have most of the day off from work (I work an hour in the morning, then my usual night shift at 9 PM).  My husband and I generally have lunch together and then I might run an errand or two.

Today, however, he went to make a hospital visit and I had to take one of our sons to the doctor’s office for a medical procedure.  I took a book and read for the hour I spent in the waiting room.

Then it was time to drop him off at home and–because I’d switched with the other mom–pick up the carpool kids from school.

I finished up the day with errands (to Target) and cooking dinner, reading and a nap.

Now you know why I haven’t written daily for the past few years.  Sometimes daily life is a bore and I’m not thinking many interesting thoughts.  (But I’m experimenting with daily writing, so some days are just like this.)



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