Calendars galore (but what day is this?)

For Christmas, I received four calendars in addition to the “Agenda” calendar I had already purchased to sit on my desk.  Good thing since it’s been an ongoing challenge to remember what day it is. I’ve been confused all week.

My great intentions have already fizzled but I told myself, “oh, whatever . . . Monday’s coming . . . let’s not get legalistic about January 1.”  I think my intentions are like those birthday candles that you can’t blow out.  They’ll re-ignite and I’ll be all about long walks and broccoli before you know it.

I did manage to get all the Christmas decorations down and repacked.  I bought three new plastic bins to replace some cardboard boxes that got damaged by rain in my garage.  Yes.  Rain.  In my garage.

We live in a mostly dry climate yet when recent rain fell, it fell hard and fast and unbeknownst to me, through my garage because the drain by the side of my house was blocked.  Consequently, the rain took the path of least resistance which happened to flow under the side door of my garage.  It meandered through my cluttered garage before exiting through the front garage door and down the driveway.

(This is exactly how the Grand Canyon came to be.)

So, nothing was really damaged, other than the boxes.  I know now that I need to make sure everything is in plastic bins, not cardboard, in the garage just in case.

Anyway, Christmas decorations are put away but one thing dominoes into the next and now I need to clean out the whole garage, my entire office and my bedroom closet.  I also really need to cull through my library and organize all my books again.  (The very thought of the disarray of my kitchen cabinets makes me twitchy.  I really need to pull everything out and get rid of the stuff I stashed in the deep corner cabinets when we moved here over four years ago.)

I didn’t have time for that today, though, because first things first.  I dealt with the Christmas decorations, cleaned the kitchen and put dinner in the CrockPot.  Then I cleaned and organized my pantry.  (I also saw a movie with my husband.)

In the pantry, I discovered a lot of brown rice and canned pumpkin.  I’ve also been buying a lot of sweet potatoes.  I have no idea.  So much rice.

I spent an inordinate amount of time in the pantry studying a bag of black beans, wondering if they were expired.  I never did find a date.  I thought about how much I would regret throwing away those beans in the event of an apocalypse.  Even kind of old beans would be better than nothing if the world came to an end, right?

These thoughts are why it takes so long to sort and organize.

(By the way, if you were my label-maker, where would you be?)




4 thoughts on “Calendars galore (but what day is this?)

  1. “(This is exactly how the Grand Canyon came to be.)”

    Funny stuff.

    I have been confused about the day for two weeks now. Tomorrow, the timetable should get back to normal.

    BTW we have many plastic/rubber containers in the basement. Shoulda bought stock.

    Happy New Year.


  2. Love your posts. Keep them coming. But first, look up at your shelves beside your desk. Label maker ought to be right there. Am I right?


  3. Cutest photo ever! Love that stuff, your posts and… for the Labels I always order these cute ones from (they have even done some for me that are not in their website, just make your request and they will do them for you if you cant find’em) 🙂


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