A recitation of the day’s events

The problem is that I’ve developed somewhat of an unhealthy obsession with a computer game (not even worth mentioning which game because you’ve never heard of it; it’s a game that involves matching tiles and honestly, I’m not sure why I started playing but I am certain that I’ll need to stop cold turkey).

It’s a problem because instead of thinking coherent late-night thoughts and composing them into paragraphs here, I just play that dumb game until I realize how late it is and then I turn off my computer, fold a load of laundry, turn off all the lights downstairs and go to bed.

I had a very dull day.  I drove one son to his college class, came home and worked until it was time to load the dog into the van for a quick trip to the pet store for dog food before we went and picked up the same son from the college.  Said son declined to drive home from college which was somewhat of a relief.  Driving in a vehicle with a beginning driver is a terrifying experience.  Did I already mention that here?  Well, consider it mentioned.  But I really should have encouraged him to drive home since he needs the practice.

I dropped him and the dog off, then hurried off to get gasoline (someone please explain to me why the prices are fluctuating so wildly; yesterday, the price was $3.19 at my favorite station and today, it was $3.32).  Then I sped off to pick up my daughter and her carpool buddies.  It was strangely hot today and we have no air conditioning in the mini-van, so we had the windows down and our hair blew into our faces the whole drive home.

As if my day weren’t already exciting enough, I spent the next two hours cooking dinner and cleaning up the kitchen.

After dinner, I took a two hour nap.

I know.  My life is super glamorous.

Don’t be jealous.


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