Sew coincidental

A few weeks ago I joined a “garage sale” group on Facebook.

A few days ago, I saw a listing for a Singer sewing machine for forty bucks.  I’ve been wishing I had a working sewing machine for awhile now.  I have a machine from 1970 that I broke awhile back trying to sew through some thick denim.  I don’t know if it can be fixed but in the meantime, forty bucks for a working Singer sewing machine seemed like a great idea.

Last night, while trying to view a photo of the machine, I ended up on the seller’s Facebook page.  It was then that I noticed that she and I had a mutual Facebook friend.  In fact, she seemed to be related to that particular friend. 

Remember, she was a complete stranger to me.  Not a “Facebook friend” or anything.  Just someone who listed something on the garage sale group (which has several thousand members).

Today, when I went to pick up the machine from her apartment, I mentioned our mutual friend.  I asked how she’s related to that family, exactly.

It turned out that she was selling me the sewing machine that her aunt used to own.  Her aunt is someone from our former hometown, someone who attended the church my husband pastored.  I’ve been in her aunt’s home.  I know her aunt. 

What are chances?

As I drove home, I just kept thinking how weird the whole situation was.

And then I began to sing, “It’s a Small World after all . . . ”  *


*Not really.  But now you’re singing it in your head, aren’t you?


4 thoughts on “Sew coincidental

  1. Wow, I love those kinds of stories! Coincidentally, I sarted sewing again after a number of years – great past-time for me and keeps me from snacking all evening long. I’m going to open an etsy store very soon – as soon as I can get pictures taken of all of the stuff I have made!


  2. You have a way with words! Keep it up. And enjoy those moments I like to call: “God Moments”… Those situations that seem to be put together by the hand of God. Who else could work things out so perfectly!

    Keep sharing. Love it.


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