The gray afternoon

This afternoon, I took my son, his girlfriend and my daughter to the beach.

The tide was low and finally, I knew where to find tide pools.  When in doubt, ask another mom who has lived in the area for years.


Yesterday, when I didn’t have time to stay, the sky was mostly clear.  Tonight, the marine layer moved in, obscuring the sunset.  But it was still beautiful.  So many people were out and about on the sand and sea.


And then these egrets appeared and seemed to dance.  (One was chasing another, I think.)


I left with a pocket full of white rocks and a few shells and sand.  Always, always, sand everywhere, in our pockets and pant cuffs and between our toes when we leave the beach.

2 thoughts on “The gray afternoon

  1. Wow – I have never seen anything like that. Stunning.

    I want some flat stones. And shells. And all the other amazing things you get to see and find and enjoy.

    I’m on my way!


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