Reading, watching, listening, driving

What I’m reading:

Autobiography of a Face by Lucy Grealy

I checked this book out from the library after reading Truth & Beauty by Ann Patchett.  Lucy and Ann were friends as they began their writing careers.

I also started reading Tell the Wolves I’m Home, but I got distracted and put it aside.

Next up:  I’m thinking of reading Unbroken in preparation for the movie coming out in December.

What I’m watching:

I saw Interstellar today in a full theater at 11 AM.  The movie lasts almost three hours which is a long time to sit right next to a stranger (the theater was almost full, so I had no choice) .  But it was a big movie with mind-bending ideas and big actors doing big stuff.  I liked it.  (My 16-year old son declared it the Best Movie Ever.)

On television I’m watching my usual mix of reality television:  The Amazing Race, Survivor, The Real Housewives of ________________ (whatever’s showing), and Jimmy Fallon at night.  Beverly Hills 90210 has been showing on Tuesdays and I have to admit that I’ve been really enjoying watching old episodes.  I’m a little worried about how much I like the hairstyles from the 90s and wonder sometimes if I just got stuck in the 90s in terms of my expectations for hairstyles.

What I’m listening to:

Taylor Swift’s new music, 1989.  I bought the CD for my daughter and got hooked on it.  I like the “bonus” tracks at the end where the talks about her songwriting process, giving us a peek at the beginning stages of three of the songs.

Where I’m driving:

Around in circles.  Half an hour north to pick up my son.  Half an hour south to pick up my girl.  Ten minutes here, ten minutes back to deliver a son to work.  Twenty minutes to church, twenty minutes back.  I have never driven around so much in my life.  At least gas prices have gone down and I’m “only” paying $3.25 as gallon.  Since my husband’s been out of town again (since Wednesday), I have spent more time than usual in the car, including a 7:15 AM departure each morning.  This is the single hardest thing for me because I work very late and getting less than six hours of sleep is among my Least Favorite Things.  (Ah, now there’s a post idea!)

The End.



2 thoughts on “Reading, watching, listening, driving

  1. Unbroken is great. Takes time to read, however. I mostly read simple things that don’t take much time – guess my mind can’t take too much serious stuff.

    The older I get, the more lazy I feel I am. Or I am becoming. Whatever –

    And when it comes to TV watching, I like game shows, and most music shows. My all-time favorite program, though, is the Amazing Race. It is unreal the amount of time (and expense) that goes into creating that program. Each week has some new challenge, and I love to see teams that keep their cool in the midst of some trying experiences.


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