A short and winding path (at the beach)


One of my co-workers lives in the Midwest.  Her home was struck by lightning and her electricity and Internet were out for a few days which meant I had to work some extra hours for a few days.  That explains what I was doing when I last wrote in this blog.

Meanwhile, we had a house-guest who had arrived mid-June and stayed until mid-July.  Even though she was undemanding and easy to be around, a house-guest is still a house-guest.  Extra people exhaust me.  Who am I kidding?  Even the regular number of people exhaust me.

On July 13, my daughter, our house-guest and I went to Imperial Beach (an hour south) to watch a dog surfing contest.

Hilarious and entertaining and just plain fun.  I highly recommend you spend an afternoon watching dogs surf, should the opportunity ever present itself.


Then in the past week, these things occupied my time:

1)  Daughter went to day camp all week, 9 AM to noon;
2)  All three sons went to jobs;
3)  House-guest went home;
4)  My sister arrived for a visit;
5)  My husband left for a business-trip (a denominational annual meeting in Rhode Island);
6)  I worked;
7)  My sister flew back home to Seattle.

I did a lot of driving around, delivering kids to their jobs and activities.  And yes, at some point the kids will drive, but they don’t yet.  (It’s complicated.)

So, that’s why this blog has been neglected.  I’ve had a few thoughts I wanted to share, but I can’t remember what they are.

And now, it’s time to sleep because I have to deliver my youngest son to work by 8:15 AM.  And so it goes.

2 thoughts on “A short and winding path (at the beach)

  1. how about i retire from my job in the awful midwest come to your house and work as a drive, house keeper and all around personal servant???? ha ha!!
    of course i have to have some time to go to the beach and see the sunset!


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