Schindler’s List.

I saw the movie in the theater when it released back in 1993 and it remains one of my favorite movies.  I have had the book on my shelf for a long time and just picked it up recently.  I’m a little more than halfway through.  Excellent book, lots to ponder.



I have been an avid fan of Jack Bauer from the very beginning, back in the old days when I didn’t have a DVR and had to watch carefully with devoted attention so I wouldn’t miss anything.  I am loving this new (short!) season.

Big Brother

I can’t help it.  I’m a voyeur and like reality shows like Big Brother and Survivor and The Amazing Race.  I work at my computer 8+ hours a day and have my television on most of the time to keep me company.  Reality television doesn’t demand my full attention and is the perfect accompaniment to my work day and night.


I never listen to music at home.  In the car, I listen to talk radio if I’m alone and a station that plays old (old?!) music from the 80s and 90s.  At home, I listen to the sound of kids discussing pointless topics and the dog barking her fool head off and most days, an electric guitar in a distant bedroom and the other random sounds pollution in my house.


My sister’s visit in a week.  School beginning in a month.  A surf dog competition next weekend.  Supergirl Pro surf contest in August.  My 27th wedding anniversary soon.  More sunsets at the beach.

* * *

And now, since I’ve promised to make my husband pinto beans and cornbread for dinner tomorrow, I have to go sort beans and soak them in a pot.

My life is all sorts of glamour.





3 thoughts on “Listing

  1. sounds good to me…i love audio books for the car. at work i listen to the music without one wants to hear me sing!
    i too love reality TV…the Amazing race is my favorite. BB—get rid of Devin ha ha!!


  2. Hi Melanie~ I’m Julie Sammons’ daughter. I love checking in from time to time and let me just tell you it delighted my reality TV nerd heart when I read that you watch BB. My husband and I LOVE that show…I’m with Vivian, get rid of Devin…and Julie Chen 🙂


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