At about lunch time yesterday, we abandoned our responsibilities–Grace and me–and headed north to Disneyland.  We arrived by 2 PM and rode the monorail into the park.

That explains why I am exhausted today.  But we sure did have fun.  (I have a funny little series of photos to post soon.)  We didn’t get home until 9:30 PM.  I immediately started working, finally getting to bed at about 12:30 AM.  (I am quite possibly too old for these shenanigans.)

The school year is winding up (hooray!) and lacrosse is winding up (yay!) and AWANA will soon be over (HOORAY!).  I am super excited about free-time, about reading books, sitting under a beach umbrella, and reading more books while sitting under a beach umbrella.

And next year, Grace will be attending school full-time (instead of doing her schoolwork at home in conjunction with a public charter school).  For the first time in about ten years, I will not be directly responsible for the education of any of my children and I am beyond thrilled.  If you amplify thrilled by ten thousand, that would almost approach my level of thrill.

In other news, I spent last Saturday cleaning my laundry room, washing dishes and filling kitchen trash bags with clothes my kids have outgrown or deigned too uncool to wear.  Did you know that wearing denim shorts is “so nineties”?  Not only did I not know that, I spent my weekend cleaning my laundry room.  That’s not cool, either, but I found it rather delightful.


Before you know it, these will be the good old days.  Buckle up.


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