Spring Break, Part Two


On Monday, we woke up early and tried to get to Disneyland before everyone else.  It’s Spring Break, after all.

We spent twelve hours traipsing back and forth across the park, standing in some lines, outsmarting other lines by using FastPasses.  We wondered why our favorite rides were closed and skipped the parades entirely and ate and shopped and paddled a canoe around the River.

And we found the Springtime Round-up where a variety of Disney rabbits were posing for pictures.  Grace normally hates having her picture taken with costumed characters–a funny and stubborn quirk she’s had since she was two years old–but for some reason, she jumped at the chance to have her picture taken with Rabbit (of Winnie-the-Pooh fame).

The other highlight of the trip was a ride on Splash Mountain.  She’s ridden it only once before and found it too scary to ride again, but for whatever reason, she decided it was time to ride it again.

Now, we have a few more days of Spring Break.  Then I begin the countdown until the end of the school year.


2 thoughts on “Spring Break, Part Two

  1. Looks like fun.

    (Did you know Seattle has a big wheel on the waterfront? The cages hold 4, and are all enclosed, so you feel no air, and they don’t rock (much). After being scared to ride it (of heights, you know), then being convinced by someone else afraid of heights that it really wasn’t bad – I went on it. It was SO much fun, I want to go again. Next time, though, I want to go in the evening, or after dark – to get good pictures of the buildings all lit up.)

    The shopping and eating sounds like fun – I could easily get lost in such a big, busy place. But I’m glad you get to go often and enjoy it each time. Good, good.


  2. First day of spring break over here was a bust. cold. Cold. COLD. On the bright side, my husband paid to have a company called “Duty Calls” come and rid the backyard of, well, duties. Now I can enjoy spring, and the rest of spring break!


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