After the festivities

Seems like I just spent a day putting up Christmas decorations and now it’s time to take them down.  I didn’t even have time to get sick of them.

Christmas Day was a rousing success.  Everyone received something they loved and there were no fistfights.  Actually, there are never any fistfights here but isn’t that a reason to rejoice?  No fistfights?

I’m back to work but the kids are on school break, of course, until January 6/7 (depending on which kid you are).  The older kids are back to work tomorrow.  Me, too.  My husband, too.  Too bad we can’t just all stay in our pajamas and eat cut-out cookies and nap and play games and read for another two or three weeks.  Or months.

But instead, the Christmas tree beckons and not to revel in its glory.  No.  It’s time to undecorate and return to a life devoid of twinkly lights.

4 thoughts on “After the festivities

  1. The best thing I ever did last Christmas was leave a small string of pretty star lights up around my kitchen window. It gets dark so early round her in the wintertime, the touch of color was a welcome delight every evening while cleaning up the kitchen. This year I upgraded to smaller but equally colorful LED stars. I love them.


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