Being a grown-up

After work–and after picking up my 15-year old from school–I took a 15 minute nap before driving my older son to work. It was 4:15 PM and while driving west toward his workplace, I could see tufts of clouds like cotton batting suspended in the sky.

My immediate inclination was to speed toward the ocean so I could watch the sun set.  I seriously considered it.  The sun sets at about 4:40 PM here.  I had approximately fifteen minutes to race to the beach, an entirely possible proposition.


I am a grown-up.

Grown-ups have to resist the impulse to run to the shore to snap photos of the sunset even if the clouds are delightful and perfect and the sky is already turning pink.

Grown-ups drive instead to the pet food store and spend a lot of money on a 44-pound bag of special dog food for the dog that sheds everywhere and digs holes in the back yard.

Grown-ups ignore the glowing sky and drive to the grocery store to buy chicken breasts and zucchini and mushrooms and brown rice so they can cook dinner.

Grown-ups cook dinner when they’d rather be getting sand in their shoes.

Grown-ups are responsible.

I am a grown-up who missed the sunset.  (I am not only a little bitter.)

(And tomorrow, I have to leave my house at 6:15 AM to get to the soccer field by 7:15 AM for an 8 AM game . . . being a grown-up is not for the faint of heart.)

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