Why my office is a hazardous waste area

I’m not really sick, but I was sick.  I caught a cold right after my husband got home from Texas, which I believe was a month ago.  Who can remember?  Anyway, I was truly, ghastly sick and after the typical 7-10 days of symptoms, I felt better but the cough remained.

And I still have this cough, but only at super inconvenient times.

I cough during the quiet portions of church or concerts.

I cough five minutes after I lie down to sleep.

I cough when my bladder is full.  (You women of a certain age will understand the tragedy of this situation.)

* * *

My office is a disaster.  Baskets of sorted and folded laundry sit everywhere.  The mail I brought in from the mailbox after three days is piled high on my desk.  The dog’s leash is here.  My daughter’s history book is here.  The Reader’s Digest is still here even though it needs to go upstairs to the bathroom.  I have a refund check from the same medical clinic that sent me a notice that I owe them $25.  (They keep sending me bills.  I pay the bill.  They send me a refund of “overpayment” and then send me another bill.  It’s confusing but has to do with unconnected accounts with different record numbers.  Dumb. The lady I talked to on the phone about this today was super rude about the whole situation.)

Anyway, my desk is dusty and dog fur litters the carpet.

The mess is driving me crazy, absolutely crazy, but I don’t have an hour or half an hour or fifteen minutes or any time at all to putter around in here to clean up.  Let me explain.

Today I rolled out of bed at 8:45 AM to work at 9 AM.

After work at 3 PM, time to pick up my son and his friend.

Back home by 4 PM, time to pick up another son to drive him to the bank so he could open an account.

Meanwhile, we went to the pet store and Walmart for toilet paper and guinea pig food and laundry detergent.

We picked up pro-ordered pizza on the way home, got home and left home ten minutes later for soccer practice.  It’s so weird to leave for practice when it’s pitch black outside with the sliver of moon hanging low in the sky.

I sat in my minivan during practice with my iPhone, reading blogs, reading email, reading Facebook and playing Candy Crush.  I wanted to lean my seat back all the way to sleep but I feel weird sleeping in a parking lot.  I guess this means I am not destined to live in my car.

We were home at 7:45 PM and then I tried to take a nap while listening to Carrie Understood sing (and badly act) in The Sound of Music.  But I couldn’t sleep because as soon as I relaxed, I needed to cough.

So I coughed and coughed until my husband got home from a meeting.  We spent fifteen minutes catching up on the day’s news and then it was time to work another three hours before bed.

I’m sleepy and coughy.  Basically, I’m approximately 2/7th of the seven dwarfs.   (If, in fact, there were a dwarf named Coughy, which there was not but let’s not let facts deter us.  Probably, they had a cousin named Coughy, who changed the spelling of his name to Coffee and then opened up a Starbucks.)

Oh dear.  It’s really time for me to sleep before I get more ridiculous.

2 thoughts on “Why my office is a hazardous waste area

  1. I got the same crud on Thanksgiving and I’m still coughing and blowing my nose endlessly. Only difference is, my cough is silent thru the nite, thankfully. And, boy, do I hear you about coughing with a full bladder, lol!


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