Bits and pieces

After church today, we had some friends over for lunch.

This pretty straightforward situation was complicated by the fact that it’s hard to cook lunch when you’re at church and made worse by the fact that my dog woke me up three times between 2 AM and 4 AM because her puppy tummy was upset.  At least, I think that was her problem.

(Trust me.  You do not want additional description of what I saw.)

After our company left, I took a three hour nap.


On Friday, my daughter lamented, “It’s Friday!  A ten year old girl should have plans on a Friday!”  She did not have plans, much to her dismay.


I spent a long time on Saturday trying to get my backyard fountain flowing again.  I went to Home Depot twice.  I bought two pumps, both wrong.  I am going to solve this problem or die trying.


My daughter would like several things, including but not limited to 1) more American Girl dolls and accessories; 2)  a trampoline; 3) a swimming pool; 4)  a baby sister; 5)  a guinea pig; 6) a small puppy.  Her chances of acquiring these things ranges between slim and none.


Since living in Southern California, sometimes I can’t quite remember what season it is.  As it turns out, sunshine can be disorienting.


3 thoughts on “Bits and pieces

  1. If your daughter’s wishes were up for vote, I would vote for #1. Certainly not #4. Or #5.

    Thought it was funny that she thought a ten-year old should have fun plans for a Friday leading into a week-end. Childhood seems to be a thing of the past – she sounds like she is rushing into teen thinking. Oh dear!

    Always glad when you take time to post, however. Sorry you always seem to be so rushed and busy. But glad you are YOU, for you make it all sound doable. Bless you.


  2. You probably dont remember me, but I bought some Sonlight curriculum from you when I lived in TN. I live in WA state now! Go figure 🙂
    Just took a chance and googled your blog and here you are. It feels like I found an old friend. I remember reading your posts when your kiddos were little. Time really does fly by. Unless you want it to, then it seems to stand still.

    Good to see you again! I vote for the American Girl doll stuff! That’s all.



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