Note from the lady with the crazy hair

Let me illustrate with this YouTube video . . .

This morning we had to be at church thirty minutes early.  No problem, I thought.  I’ll skip walking the dog and wake up the boys at 8:30 AM.

Since I exercised unusual discipline in getting out of bed on time, I had enough time to make my bed and consider a variety of necklaces.  I tried on two different skirts. In short, I lollygagged.

I kept an eye on the time, though.  Then I checked my phone and it was 10:36 AM.

WHAT?  I realized that we weren’t supposed to leave the house at 10:45 AM, we were supposed to be at the church then.

I was dressed, my make-up was on and I was about to start taming my hair with a very hot curling iron.  Instead, I grabbed my shoes and phone and hurried downstairs . . . where I heard a shower still running.  My youngest son was still in there.

Without a moment’s pause, I decided to drive my daughter to church, then return for the boys.  (The drive is about 12 minutes if all the traffic lights cooperate.)

I rushed her to church.

Rushed home.

Picked up the boys.

Rushed back to church.

Hurried up to the balcony where our tardiness would be less obvious.

And that is why my hair looked crazy today.  Just in case you wondered.  It wasn’t a problem with gravity or anything . . . just a itty bitty problem with time.

One thought on “Note from the lady with the crazy hair

  1. Wow – am sure your hair never looks like that. But thanks for sharing the video – I had missed that program, and found it very interesting.

    At least the pastor didn’t say anything nasty about who just sat down in the balcony (late), did he?

    Love having you share these blogs, so I can picture just what your days are like. Carry on – you are doing a great job!


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