Lost weekend

Our neighborhood had its annual garage sale on Saturday.  Grace and I walked the mile and a half loop, searching for treasures among our neighbor’s garages.  It was just like trick-or-treating, except in all the ways it wasn’t.

She found some cute stuffed animals–because when you already have a billion stuffed animals, what’s two more?–and books and a shirt.  I bought some new place-mats and a book.

Then, we came home to find our dog stir-crazy and I realized that although I’d already had a walk, she really, really, really needed to have a walk, too.  So I walked another mile and a half loop with her.  It’s true what they say: a tired puppy is a good puppy.

Then it was just about time to get ready for Grace’s soccer game.  This was the first game in which I felt chilly–and when I mentioned to my husband that I was cold, he reminded me of all the games I watched when we lived in Washington.  I used to sit beneath a leaking umbrella, covered in a blanket, wearing a heavy coat and  mittens suffering through 40 degree temperatures.  I don’t know how the children didn’t get hypothermia.

So, 65 breezy degrees wasn’t really freezing . . . but that didn’t stop me from wishing I’d thought to wear something warmer.

The girls won the soccer game.

After a few hours at home, it was time to leave again, this time to attend a professional indoor soccer game with Grace’s teammates and parents.  We drove into San Diego, shivered in the parking lot while waiting for everyone to arrive, then watched the fast-moving game.  It was fun but we returned home late at 10:20 PM.

Then it was Sunday, time for church followed by a nap.

A little grocery shopping, some television (Amazing Race) and four hours of work . . . and the weekend’s over.

And now, a picture of the baby elephant we saw at the Safari Park last Thursday.   You’re welcome.


3 thoughts on “Lost weekend

  1. My husband is a Crew fan. Out of the running….

    Very cut baby elephant. 🙂

    I picked up another ocpy of Bleak House at Half Price Books over the weekend.
    I repeatedly buy that book, read two chapters, and give it the thrift store.
    That’s my relationship with that book.

    Rain here. HIgh sixties yesterday, forties tomorrow. Fall is falling….


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