Did the chicken cross the road?

This morning while taking Lola on a quick walk down the street, I noticed some egg shells on a neighbor’s lawn.  They had been “egged,” or so it appeared.

This afternoon, when my husband dropped off Zach after school, he called me on the phone and told me to come outside for second.  He mentioned that there was a broken egg on our driveway.  We had been “egged”? I hadn’t noticed because we went right instead of left when Lola and I walked.


It appeared that part of a broken egg was smashed on our driveway–but not on our garage door or house or anything.

Then on the front lawn, I spied an egg shell.  I went to pick it up and discovered a whole chicken egg.

It must be really disappointing when you are trying to throw eggs at houses and you can’t even hit the houses and you can’t even break all the eggs you throw.

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