On the other hand . . .

And now, just for fun, my sleep will be disrupted for the next two weeks.

I normally crawl into bed by 2 AM and wake up somewhere around 9 AM.  But for now, I will wake up at 6 AM to take off my boy’s sling so he can shower before school.  Then I will give my puppy her stomach medicine.  Then, back to sleep–sort of–until it’s time to put the sling back on.  It it all complicated and requires me and only me to adjust it correctly so his arm is cradled and not pulling on his broken collarbone.

Then, back to sleep before it’s time to walk the dog for thirty minutes.  A thirty minute walk improves her attitude and behavior a great deal. It is not optional.

I’ll be working again by 10 AM.  Tomorrow is a soccer night and I really must buy more bread and other victuals and if all goes well, I can do that while Grace is practicing soccer.  Then, home by 7 PM.

I feel a lot like I’m running after a car, trying to get it to stop so I can get in and ride instead of run . . . but the driver won’t stop.

My life is wearing me out.   But at least I wasn’t photographed topless while sunbathing at my  private French estate.

One thought on “On the other hand . . .

  1. You might get more sleep if you just skip the whole idea!

    I’m normally one who is asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, but lately, I’ve been awake from 11:00 p.m. or earlier until 3:00 a.m. or later – just looking at the clock and wondering where I can move my legs so the pain will go away and I can sleep. Wanting to sleep but not being able to is not fun.

    I’d go to the grocery store for you, if that would help any – you would get some food; I’d get to go for a drive.

    Wishful thinking………….


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