A mourning dove chose to build a nest on the front of our house.  After the nest was constructed, either mama bird or daddy bird sat on the nest, even when we walked by.

And then, a few days ago, this happened. We don’t know how or why.

The mourning dove couple is gone and this is all that’s left of their hopes and dreams.


3 thoughts on “Mourning

  1. We used to have a cat that could alllllmost jump that high. If a cat did make the attempt and at least got the claws over, it could have pulled the nest down. After owning two cats (which solidified our ‘Dog People’ status), that’s my theory.


  2. Probably a cat, but possibly a predator bird, like a hawk??? Sparrows can be vicious, too, but not sure if they take on birds that large. I know they poke holes in eggs of bluebirds, and kill the parents, if they want the nestbox.


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